Did you ever had to deal with a "Baby of a Boss"? One that keeps crying and complaining about something that he or she can not get?
As in your ears quite frequently"I'm Your Boss! Is all you will get.
One that seemed they always have on a wet diaper that needs a changing or check.
A Baby Boss that goes the while day complaining about an issue that he or she can not resolved and just making the place confused even making some employees blow a little fuse.
They never want anyone's advice only their own advice will do, and they always keep questioning if it's a concern for you.
A Baby Boss that seemed never to understand or try to get directions from a helping hand.
One that only knows how to pushed past every relevant caused and only demand.
They don't know how to do it and they always seemed lost ,always upset with out a caused.
A Baby Boss that try to treat the employees like sh-- or in their heads might be thinking of throwing a brick.
A Baby Boss that always throw tantrums' and never seemed to settle down sometimes you'll think they'll be rolling on the ground.
As they keep going on and on whining for so very long.
With an immature mind and ways of the heart ,one who has employees feel like they would pack up and depart.
As they always seemed to want a hot bottle to make them settle down, or you never know as some get so flustered you might eventually see them rolling on the ground.
I've had some experiences with some Baby Bosses' in my earlier days and to them this is what I said.
"You know you have a business but not a business heart or head,don't you think it's the right time to throw in the towel and let someone give you a hot bottle of milk and put you to bed? ;)