Monday, 7 March 2016

Bossy Bosses.

In my years of workmanship and having the ability to maneuver into different passages of work fields with others, iv'e noticed the trend of "Bossy Bosses who just like to cook up their employees with a hot pot of the most despicable treatment approach and communication works .
You know what? A staff of employees are individuals and Yes! human beings as well and a rough harsh dictatorship and translucent behaviors of gestures towards individuals of employees who just want to help build your company isn't going to make the company any better but it will only caused a crack in it's foundation of standing and communication between employers and employees. 
My thing is "Tolerate and Educate" each other truthfully,  get along as to tolerate, educate and learn from each other and be team players to make the company strive and grow in success.
Good tendencies of dictatorship and communication towards staff is what makes them appreciate their employmentships' as well as Employers'.  
A Bossy dysfunctional boss just adds up to" Deliberate staff moods of terrible attitudes" and that is never needed as I said the company will eventually crumble and fall.
Some "Bosses" used their titles as queenship, kingship dictatorships to be idolized in a godly manner.
And believed me when I say ,"There is  only one God anyone should serve and that is the Only and true Living God the Creator of Heaven and Earth ,Your Creator.
It's not about worship or paused when you lead a group in business, it's about workmanship and caused.
I once had a boss with this mentality of godship in mind and ways, Yes! a very unappreciative boss .
And as always I let it be known and noted to whom I served and Yes! he took it very well :)))
A Boss is supposed to be a leader of the kind to dictate and managed proceedings , a business and company of staff.
The title "Boss" is not the mark of a blue print for aggressive , belittling ,don't care and ill treatment attitudes towards a staffs' individuals of employees.
It's for an emergence for a true dictatorship of leaderships. 
Never let you degrees be "Degrees to Torment" for destructive,devious and deliberate acts of selfishness, nuscience and arrogance.
Used them for good " To Tolerate and Educate" as a raising caused for growth , business wise ,productivity and team work.
A business is not for idolship ,slavery or other as to  belittle anyone, it's for team work, with all players on the field ,that's going towards the same goals and caused.
For productive ways of growth mentally, physically and spiritually in workmanship of business and other.
So "Boss" now that you're in position try always to "Tolerate and Educate" appreciate your staff of employees and the standing you have as "Boss" to a managing team.
Life is a learning process and so is entering a field of business management in leadership of employees and duties. 
Learn from each other and make proceeding grow and work,a good reputation with good ways of business,productivity and Yes! Humanitarian ways. 

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