Monday, 7 March 2016

Free Loader Worker

An individual who sustains employment with little contact or input, a masquerader of nuscience, lazy with a don't care attitude .-(Marcelle Hinkson)
So often do we find and see these kind of individuals inside places of work,Yes! A work mate of the kind with much elusive ways.
Individuals that just sit idling around and waits until all the hard work is finished and never seemed willing to give an input or work hand.
A muser of the sort that is always being paid but from them is a naught, just an individual who just waste time after time.
Sitting around lazy or chatting away their mouths,while everyone is working but to them it always seems like a lost caused.
Pay pack in hand every week they are given and hardly any work was done by them just useless unedified ways of nothing.
With a no care attitude and looking around all gazed, a show off appearance with uncouth ways.
Never working but always ready to exit as to go through the door, a talkative type that always like they are on show, talking unnecessary information that no wants to hear.
With a manipulating stride and bad intention of ways never working and always sitting around with no cares.
A daring individual that cares about no one, just a free pay pack and a workless play ground for them to sit idling around.

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