Monday, 7 March 2016

How Do You Defined "Success?

Success- Souls United for a Care and Cause an Eternal Soul Sense of ways.  -Universal Voice.
Success is the Gratitude of a Grateful Heart and it's also the upliftment of physical content - Universal Voice.
The positive aspects of success is the healing of mankind in the most ways accruable, the healing of the nations, societies and the world in all aspects of ways,that is success.
And as always there is a negative or deviant way to this as some see success as a over work machine of ways to gained wealth as some put it to be happy, and to blind side others if they must.
You known what? I would not attribute success to happiness as "Happiness is the benefactor of a whole and happy heart".
In this world some individuals have wealth, but are they happy?
No! Some are just rude ,ignorant, selfish ,miserable and unhappy, hmm does that sound like success does it really? To me it sounds like an illusion.
First the heart has to be grateful,helpful ,thankful, loving ,caring and happy,it needs to be whole,not cracked and full of tears.
There is a need for true "Successors" the ones with Souls United for a Care  and Cause an Eternal Soul Sense of ways.
A  love, help,care educate way that will ripple through the world, a helping you ,helping others way.
Not deviant delusional ways that leaves individuals pushing to get more to be unhappy with what they have.
That fills them with the most uncouth ways of standing.
There is not a problem with wanting to see your children ,yourself or other get through in life, but there should be a limit as to know how far to go to gained success and to wear success positively well.

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