Friday, 1 April 2016

Soul Builders Or Energy Takers?

Soul builders or energy takers you do the maths, You see at the end of the reign they are the devious ones that want to have the last laugh.
For example! As you should know that you should help the needy and not the greedy well energizing is the same way.
You give your energy of helpings and livings to individuals that is destined and assigned Yes! That is truthfully placed to your path of ways.
In life we meet a lot of individuals and Yes! It about helping everyone,but there are some that just try to interrupt your path to get you all run down.
They ask they wait,and they try to drain you of your energies intake.
And that is why it's best for you to be spiritually and consciously awake.
What I'm saying to you today is to always know the ones on your path that were are destined not pushed to meet you, to stress you out and leave you frustrated and blue.
Know the energies of their ways and you will know if they come to drain you away.
You see on your path way, if you haven't noticed there is so much you will hear know see meet release say and gain.
And your true heart of soul always knows the truth as to how and to whom you should your energy with Love of strength release and not unnecessary strain.
And when to be strong and bold as to show up the disrupting presense of life's trolls.
As to ask or tell a pushed person on your way, "Where did you come from who sent you to try to offset my life's pathway?
As your inner soul voice never hides and with eyes opened wide it sees when these culprits are coming with devious lies.
As some individuals are in your life way for a reason and a season Yes! For you to help them up for their long pathway of tests.
And your inner being of soul always knows the way it should go because it shows you the way to embrace these individuals with much care to it's knowledgeable best.
Then there are the pushed ones that are intruding in space,that is always in a hurry with torment on their face.
Just to offset your pathway and try to drain you of the energy that you have,that is why being spiritually awaken is the most benifical way Yes! A must.
But one thing for sure,is that a truthful heart of soul always knows when to say No!
As it alerts you to it's true way ,to know what to do and not to say.
And it always alerts you as to know that in your pathway an individuals doesn't belong but is being pushed,to try to drain and catch you like a fish that is bing hooked.
In your walk on your pathway you have much energy to help yourself and those destined for your way.
And everyone needs to remember that your energy always renew,and you must also understand that it's designed to help assigned others and to help you.
So please don't waste your energy away on an individual or ways that wasn't assigned your way.
Always know the difference know the truth,know who is destined to be with you.
And know that a true heart of soul is always aware,when a pushed intruder trys to invade as to inhabit your way.
As you will get the alert it's just for you to be spiritually and consciously smart.
There are so many individuals out there that you will meet to help you out, and those individuals you will know with a true heart without a doubt.
As your true heart of soul will alert you in some way, and you will automatically know its truthful wares.
As true Love drives it's own on a true Love of way,that builds up individuals for their assigned path of ways.
So always know your energies and the energies of others,know your destined assignments and always know the intruders.
I know it could be a challenge for some to identify who! And you must and don't let the thief of energies try to drain you.
As everything is about energy the way you feel around certain individuals will tell you if that energy is needed or not,so start descerning the intruders hot spots.
Know the energies that you are tolerating that deep within yourselves you know you shouldn't do.
What is it? A relationship that keep going around, is useless stressful turns a false one or a trickers that always hurry along?
Some fake friends that is secretly trying to drain your energy from your head to your hem? 
Just let go of it Please! As those energies are not relevant and can not help you in life meaningful needs.
The relationship and others that keep draining you and you really need to let go of them for your sake I am telling you.
Sometimes individuals just like to hold on to pushed situations to long and all that it does is frustrate them as to try to drain and drag them to the ground.
Deep with in you your true heart of soul will never scold, but it will give a bellow an echoed a gentle row of truth that these individuals around you should never stay.
The Truth of Authority that it holds that shows up the pushed intruders and let you know.
That you are strong and an individual on a strong stand,guard and guided by the Only and True Father Creator God the Sovereign of hands .