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How do you define ‘‘SUCCESS?

Success- Souls United for a Care and Cause an Eternal Soul Sense of ways ~Marcelle Hinkson
Success is the Gratitude of a Grateful Heart and it's also the upliftment of physical content ~Marcelle Hinkson
The positive aspects of success is the healing of mankind in the most ways accruable, the healing of the nations, societies and the world in all aspects of ways,that is success.
And as always there is a negative or deviant way to this as some see success as a over work machine of ways to gained wealth as some put it to be happy, and to blind side others if they must.
You known what? I would not attribute success to happiness as "Happiness is the benefactor of a whole and happy heart".
In this world some individuals have wealth, but are they happy?
No! Some are just rude ,ignorant, selfish ,miserable and unhappy, hmm does that sound like success does it really? To me it sounds like an illusion.
First the heart has to be grateful,helpful ,thankful, loving ,caring and happy,it needs to be whole,not cracked and full of tears.
There is a need for true "Successors" the ones with Souls United for a Care  and Cause an Eternal Soul Sense of ways.
A  love, help,care educate way that will ripple through the world, a helping you ,helping others way.
Not deviant delusional ways that leaves individuals pushing to get more to be unhappy with what they have.
That fills them with the most uncouth ways of standing.
There is not a problem with wanting to see your children ,yourself or other get through in life, but there should be a limit as to know how far to go to gained success and to wear success positively well.

I Like! I LOVE :)

The contents of this blog article really open up my heart of being more to my intellect experiences and of what some one once made in a statement.

The meaning of these two words of emotions, sounding a like but one differs from the other in so many ways than one.

The precept and concept of what some may call a living word but yet when you say them they some how define the elements of speech and what it is directed to.

Two words but so different sounding so much like the other but when you can really use them and know the essence of the words, you will be able to say them and appoint them to the necessary accolades without any mishap or perspective of view.

What is the meaning of like? You may ask, well from my view and my meaning of the word like. 

I would say that liking something or someone is a mere appoint of view you like it but it's not an important factor. 

It's just a playful gesture of emotion when liking something or someone it's not deep or damaging. 

Meaning it does not control you or what ever your liking may be appointed to.

In mankind's dictionary you find the meaning of the word "like" as used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.

 I think that my meaning of like sounds more appropriate as a defilement. 

I have a matured mind and my intellect and mentality has evolved tremendously, I no longer see words as by words of every day usage words. 

I now see, sense and reguriate words and used them for they true essence of meaning. 

I have learned and yes I am still being taught :) of how to feel, know each word of vocabulary meaning of emotion and use them appropriately.

That way when you hear words being said, you can actually feel the word, the emotion behind it and know the conclusion behind i. 

That is, if it has an idolized meaning behind it or if it's just a mere look like gesture of emotion without harm.

I can say that I like something but can I say I love it? No! Not really. 

I have to know which words to use, and how to appoint it to it's right structure of phrasing. 

I can not say I love something when in fact it's a mere infatuation, and not bonding. 

I can say that I love my Creator, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, because I know the essence of the word's representation of love. 

I know why I say it, when I say it and where it comes from, and how it is defined when I say it.

I would not used the word ‘‘ like’’ in this process because it would be a lie. 

And I would not just like my Creator who brought me into being, because I know we have a bonding a true authentic love alignment. 

And I used the word love here as it is and was meant to be used in the atmost genuine and truthful way.

Now again I can say I like a dress or other but that doesn't mean that I am in love with it, no way, no shape, no how. 

I like it by means or a mere fact that it fits right, it has the right material, style, color or price.

I would not say that I love it because it's materialistic, it's something that changes in style, fashion and era.

I work at a retail establishment and the way some customers used these two words of content is appalling, sometimes I have to voice my opinion by saying " You love that dress, shoes, jewelry to death? Seriously?

Do they know what they are saying? Do they know the difference of "like" or "love" or the out come of the consequences of their  predictions that they manifest on themselves? No they don't.

Why would anyone want to die for a dress or any fabricated piece of materialistic wear? 

I say to some of them, really? For just material, you love these things to death?

Or your heart would break if you don't get it?SERIOUSLY???

Isn't that appalling? Yes it sure is, think about it! 

If these people used love for a dress, jewelry, actors, artiste etc, I wonder what word and how they would used love when they have to say it to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit or to someone that they would say to a beloved someone they truly cherish.

It's When, Where and How.

(1) When to used the right word as it should be directed upon to describe a mere element of usage.

(2) Where to used the right word and direct it for it's useful and appropriate construction.

(3) How to defined, that is, how it was appointed to, to clarify your true emotion of clarity and not for waste.

Everyday these words "like"and "love" are being thrown left and right in speech sentences and no one seem to know the difference. 

They used them just as words of context, and never for they meaning, just words of false gesture.

It's a way of mankind's false interpretation of Love, and they need to know the true value of the words Love and like. 

So on seeing a dress, shoes, bag, jewelry etc, that you think that you would die for. 

I beg of you! Please look at these things, really look at them. 

Think of your words of predictions that you put in the atmosphere on your self, don't ever forget that the mouth speaks life and death.

Search and feel deep within your heart and soul, and get the true authentic meaning of your actions of admiration. 

Don't let it be an delusional eye sight attachment but let it be a true authentic harmless viewing of liking that you can just look at and turn away from.

So when next you go shopping or other test  your ability to know the difference between "like" and "love" feel the words you used, know why you are using them for they true vocabulary meaning of emotion and use them appropriately for their true worth. 

Mankind's False Interpretation of Love and knowing it's True Value

There are but a few in society who don't know the value, description and meaning of the word love and it's authenticity. 

To some it's just a mere mock up of the word and they used it as an unidentified and unworthy cause.

Some say,  ‘‘ I love you" but behind that it shows hate, treason, envy, deceit and hate.

It is being used as a mere gimmick and a trial in an undignified way, but why?

Why are so many using it and not saying it in truth?

It's because they don't know or care to appreciate and embrace the meaning,value and true existence of the word in actions. 

‘‘ I love you" now flows from mankind's mouth like a trend, a despicable, unedifying mockery, not to be show for appreciation but for treason.

Not showing the genuineness of it's meaning but to be used as a ‘‘what you need to hear’’ word. 

It is being said without clarity, with no definition of it's meaning, no reliance, no attitude and no limit.

Anyone who know the truthful meaning of Love, it's appearance and it's nature, would appreciate it's usage. 

And immediately will identify and know when it's just being showcased by others or said out of content as mere ignorance, lust or for appetite.

When one has lustful love, it makes them want to get what they need in sight and mind. 

This is not real love but just a mere means of illusional ways. 

Intimidated by the mind's interpretation of it's unqualified needs. 

‘‘ Lying love’’ which fall under the category of ignorance and lust, comes about when one tells someone what one needs to hear. 

To get what one wants and it's a mere means of deceiving the other in a nullified diplomatic way with a straight face,  delusional devious mind and a tainted heart. 

And then there is when love is used as an appetizer. 

lots of people seem to like this one, ‘‘ I love you", they would say and they minds and heart holds a grudge of hatred towards you. 

It's just being said as a ‘‘ Save Face’’ in a egoism way by others who try to manipulate things for they selfish needs to fill they appetite. 

One must understand and be able to define this four letter word,  it's a weapon of intrigue. 

It's a way, a perfection, an evolving substance, that was originated and generate from the Fathers hand and heart. 

It's a feeling, a truth,a living matter and it can not be copied, it's put in place to be truly showered, showed and shared. Saying "I love you" with no meaning makes it dry, dark , hallow and Yes! False. 

And anyone that knows it's true way will know when it's just said to be displayed. 

Yet so much seem to used it daily without emphasizing it's truth, it's has now become a trend, a by word, a part of everyday false  speech. 

It has now become a trending mere aspect of society's way of manipulating each other.

I observed people who say it to others, even to me, and you know what?

I not only realized but I felt and knew that it was all fake. 

It concerns me to see how it just easily flows from individual's mouths' without truthful thinking and meaning of it's value.

A lot is going on in the world, the enemy is using mankind in so many ways to try to pollute every good way. 

By trying to turn things around from what good they supposed to be, and trying to channel and copy every aspect of ways by turning them into repulsive and wicked behaviors. 

I am a human who appreciates real genuine Love for it's conception, it's worth, it's appearance and it's foundation. 

When someone say it and means it you feel it, the excitement, the joy, the gratitude, it's  worth. 

And you have appreciation as you feel the substance of the word for it's true meaning, and your heart accepts ,accompany and embrace it. 

When it is not truthful, the heart rejects it, you don't feel it because it's not said in truth and is not being spoken with true intentions.

‘‘ The Heart is the Instrument of Love it Refutes Lies and Embrace LOVE’’~Marcelle Hinkson

And so the one that says it with out meaning , makes the vulnerable unconscious one that hears it, to hear it with the ear, the mind then interprets it as they make and puts it into a false need. 

Love is just a four letter word, it's a small word but it's value is great and greater than anything. 

 Only the true conscious can comprehend it's  existence, it's nature and it's exhibition, as it's bigger than you and I. 

No one will know the depths of genuine love until they find out and know it's true value, it's true original distributor and maker. 

And as some continue to look at love in a different perspective, some see love as a mere fast way. 

Of getting or having sex with as much people as possible, for they appetite. 

And some use it as a form of ego, others used it as a way of showing maturity. 

And yet again so much fail to look at love and to see it for what it really means, and that is for reliance, education, commitment, help care and edification. 

When you say "l love you" it should not be used for one's selfish gain, by interpreting it as something different than what it is meant, by misusing venerable people for self enjoyment and appetite.  

Love should be about appreciation and care as it makes an impact on someone or their lives to help them in the most positive ways. 

It should be about being true to yourself, so that you can be true to others, and appreciate the commitment that is truly showed showered and shared. 

Love is a precious gem, it's all about the heart, real and authentic in being and substance. 

Yet again so much fail to identify and understand it, they fail to see the velocity of it's nature, some fail to embrace it and to show it. 

Love can not be measured because it's an ever growing essence of matter. 

The more love you share to others, the more the heart will bring, put in place for mankind to use, to get them through each day. 

But some ignore it, misuse it, forget it, copy it and with no hope, gets lost along the way.

Love is a guide, an instrument of perfection, made and transfer from the father's heart and hand. 

It is here and put in motion to be showed,  showered and shared, in one's life and to always play a part. 

Why say it if you don't mean it? Why say it without edification if you can't say it truthfully why say anything at all?

An Unappreciative Boss

So often do individuals find themselves working for an unappreciative boss,one who is always and only about the money aspect of a said business.
An unappreciative boss who don't seemed to ever appreciate the employees distribution,honesty,reliability,respectability and performance.
I for one have come across employers of that caliber and I have also noticed how arrogant and selfish they were.
Even to this day and doing my routine rounds I often come across individuals who works for unappreciative employers.
And I continued to hear conversations of disconnections between employees and employers and the truth is ,that the vast amount of unsatisfied employees is so overwhelming .
In the arena of business employers must and should contribute themselves in all areas of their businesses not in arrogant,harsh manipulating ways but with decency ,professionalism ,commitment and appreciation not only to their businesses but to their employees as well the one's that distribute awareness to their businesses.
Last year for instance I spoke to many unsatisfied employees of businesses who was concerned about bonus payments or even a thank you or an appreciation note or voice of ''Job Well Done'' from their employers.
They were upset some even was threatening to quit because of long standing hours ,hard work,respectable,honestly and professionals that they put into the said businesses and at the end of the year not even a thank you note of any kind.
Well what I can say is this,it should never be about the money it should be about the integrity of the employers their conscience,their ability to see the kind of staff that they have ,the employee's distribution to the business ,the responsibilities of running the business and for the employer to show his or her appreciation to his or her staff of employees whether he can afford it or not.
A ''Thank you"' meeting or ''Thank you'' cards could be some kind of good gesture to show appreciation to staff as it don't always has to be about the money.
As some employees sympathized with some employers to know that sometimes business might not be doing that well and here a ''Thank you'' note of some kind will be well appreciated.
You see the mere fact that some employers isn't considerate enough to show his or her face as to show appreciation in a truthful way only shows more guilt and selfishness ..
Not saying a word and hiding as to avoid employees is not the right way to do things as all this does is show more guilt and arrogance on themselves .

The Difference between Motivation and Critism

In my life I've seen motivation and criticism aspects being directed at others and what I can say is that the both of them is the different from the other in ways of meaning, essence and poised.
There are individuals out there who notion that they are motivating others but instead they are criticizing them to the core.
I'm no judge and I don't judge anyone as the judging is up to the Creator of existence and whenever he feels fit he will do as such.
The declaration of my voice of passage is just saying in views, as a motivation empowering tool.
I've seen and met others who seemed so eager to motivate others and these individuals are just playing a part.
They gather friends around that seemed so troubled in mind, spirit and ways and instead of motivating these individuals to do good it's all criticism and a pushed to do bad.
I find no basis for this kind of behavior at all I'm a God fearing woman and I like to see others motivated to do good not to be pushed to do bad and then criticized at their attempt to do bad.
Some individuals in this society called mankind has just become a selfish,uncouth, arrogant bunch of people who just look out for themselves and their own needs and not the needs of others.
Some seemed to be in the habit of luring negative people of influences into their lives and then when things go sour the bitterness on their tongues lashes out in Criticism.
Why would anyone want to criticized someone to make them feel bad when they can motivate them to do good?
You know "Criticism does not fulfill the body it weakens the core".
Motivation on the other hand was put in place to help others to achieved a sense of worth and meaning to adapt to the changing aspects of things and live freely in ways most memorable and pleasing.
To help someone achieved a growth pattern of existence and expansions and not to indulged in mind,body ,spirit or soul harming accolades.
So why criticized to pushed down when one can motivate to build up?
A back lash of stabs of demolition is what critics of individuals does to the weak and struggling.
The intriguing way of a critics' Criticism is just appalling.
Correction is good Criticism is bad, one can not mixed the two because correction is a challenged to do right while Criticism is a knock to demolished.
The softness of words directed from a motivational speaker and the thread from a critic's tongue is not and will never be the same.
There is never the same feel of authenticity of words of movement so in fact there is a difference and yes everyone will ,shall and always noticed.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Is Texting The New Dumb?

They Never Communicate

Has anyone noticed the way individuals tend to never hear see or correspond when they are on these new technology's devices with their fingers just texting away?

They Are Never Aware

You can call them by name and you will think that it's a "I can not hear you!" game, as they don't even try to look up, all you see is heads firmly dip and eyes glued to device's screens, and as for you it's like you're invisible and can not be seen.
No Yes! Or No! From mouths not even a mutter or a hold on a minute words of sound.
And don't even talk about the ears that are fully plug with big head phones speakers or the smaller plugs.
It's really a disgrace that this generation can not look or talk to you with communication and look in your face.
As everyone's head is always down like they are bowing to the ground.
It's dumb wares with dumb effects and not a sound from anyone's mouth you never seemed to get.

Why Does Some Individuals Stay In Marriage Relationships That Is Not Worthy Or Healthy?


Making The Decision

How does one make a decision to get out of a unworthy unhealthy marriage relationship?


marriage | Source

My Opinion

To me marriage is sacred and it should be true Love when ever one commits to another but now I find it's not like that.
As individuals used marriage like a playing game,and some just go after it to have a ring on their finger and a change of name.
But Yes! Getting down to the main concerns, which is individuals in marriages that has long been dissolved as in done.
As I said I know of individuals and Yes! In this world that we live in there are even more.
Individuals who just do not want to move on,why? Some may ask well I will say for security to have much finance,and some for a roof over their heads Yes! The big homes or other with the hedges of beautiful plants.

Serious Views

Some individuals need to move on if the relationship has disolved and finished months or years ago.
Trying to rekindle something that only has one correspondant is just going to be a waste of time,if the other party decides that they just don't want to try.
It does not make any sense living with someone that you can not communicate with, why put yourself through the torture seeing the individual everyday,as they pass by you in the same home that sometimes you share.
It does not make any sense staying around living in a marriage that was cut off years ago,as all you're doing is sitting around doing nothing as you start to get grey and old.
Why the unworthy and unhealthy living with some one who for you doesn't care,why is the ring still on your finger Yes! The one you look at and twirl around everyday?

Monday, 9 May 2016

What does Mother's Day Mean To You?

When I was a child I  had always been intrigued by this event and always asked the question "Why do others celebrate this May date as Mother"s day is this the day that every mother give birth on this earthly realm and became a mother for the first time?The answer was of course No!
My question to all mothers is ''What is your mothers day? Don't you as a mother giving birth for the first time consider that day mothers day?And what would you tell a child when he or she asked you about "Mother's Day?
Actually the way I looked at it there are two "Mother's Days", a mother's day from a mother's point of view and a mother's day from child's point of view.
Yesterday while at work and the experienced that I had gave me the blue prints to write this blog also the constant questioning I was giving myself about this day called "Mother's Day".
A Son or Daughters Point of View 
The question I am asking here is ,"As a son or daughter who holds a female figure in their lives as someone they respect,appreciate and admire wouldn't or shouldn't you show appreciation to this person everyday that she in your life?Do you have to wait for a day depicted by others to show appreciation to a mother that you so love?
A Mother's point of view
My Mother's day is the day that I became a mother for the first time that is the day that I depicts as my mother's day, and the second time I gave birth to my second son yes that is also my mother's day.
Mothers! That first day that you saw your daughter or son birth from within you?the day you looked upon your little child,the day you smelt,cuddle,caress and looked at the precious little gift that you had been given, isn't that precious to be called your mothers day gifting?
I am  person that do not let events of others depict what I should and should not do, as my meaning of mother's day has no significance with the May date celebration of mothers day.
Yes! I Thank individuals out of respect for being mothers and doing a great truthful guardianship job.
But I don't run around calling out Happy Mothers day out loud.
I show appreciation to mothers that is doing well,and I said what I have to say and hope for them all things continue to be well.
It's a true feeling of way a need of sincerity, to have the heart to give true heart's security.
To the gifts every woman called mother was given, little angel boys and girls from Holy Heaven.
But to get program to understand the meaning of a true way is not what I do as I know that being a mother is in my being to stay and it is true.
For me to celebrate this May event of characteristics will be avoid in my sense of being as this day has no significance no memory and no caused in my life in no way ,shape or form.
It's a day Yes! But every day is also a day, and mother's should be appreciated every day.
That is me and this is the virtues that I hold, to embrace each individual for the works that they have brought forth.
For the true love that they bring each day to me, for the guardianship that kept me safe until it was safe to be free.
I watched as individuals just picked up cards to send to mothers in a zombie way of look and emotions and just wrote on them without even a sense of feeling or knowing what'' Mothers day'' is or why they are actually buying cards and sending.
And you know what I did? I deliberately asked about the trend of collecting and writing these mothers days card and was told "Isn't it to be mothers day on Sunday that is why we buy the cards?Seriously ? 
Wow imagine this and the way how mankind seemed to have been programmed to show appreciation to their mothers and when and don't carry the true emotion to display with the cards.
It's just buying by program and giving but some still have cold hard hearts.
Is this how individuals in this world has to be reminded to show a false love or appreciate to someone ?Is it their way or the way of the world? 
"Mother's Day is the day of mankind's delusional aspect of recurrence of untimely birth and awareness."
As I said my mother's day is the day that my womb opened up with joy, as Father God gave me my two beautiful boys :)