Wednesday, 18 May 2016

An Unappreciative Boss

So often do individuals find themselves working for an unappreciative boss,one who is always and only about the money aspect of a said business.
An unappreciative boss who don't seemed to ever appreciate the employees distribution,honesty,reliability,respectability and performance.
I for one have come across employers of that caliber and I have also noticed how arrogant and selfish they were.
Even to this day and doing my routine rounds I often come across individuals who works for unappreciative employers.
And I continued to hear conversations of disconnections between employees and employers and the truth is ,that the vast amount of unsatisfied employees is so overwhelming .
In the arena of business employers must and should contribute themselves in all areas of their businesses not in arrogant,harsh manipulating ways but with decency ,professionalism ,commitment and appreciation not only to their businesses but to their employees as well the one's that distribute awareness to their businesses.
Last year for instance I spoke to many unsatisfied employees of businesses who was concerned about bonus payments or even a thank you or an appreciation note or voice of ''Job Well Done'' from their employers.
They were upset some even was threatening to quit because of long standing hours ,hard work,respectable,honestly and professionals that they put into the said businesses and at the end of the year not even a thank you note of any kind.
Well what I can say is this,it should never be about the money it should be about the integrity of the employers their conscience,their ability to see the kind of staff that they have ,the employee's distribution to the business ,the responsibilities of running the business and for the employer to show his or her appreciation to his or her staff of employees whether he can afford it or not.
A ''Thank you"' meeting or ''Thank you'' cards could be some kind of good gesture to show appreciation to staff as it don't always has to be about the money.
As some employees sympathized with some employers to know that sometimes business might not be doing that well and here a ''Thank you'' note of some kind will be well appreciated.
You see the mere fact that some employers isn't considerate enough to show his or her face as to show appreciation in a truthful way only shows more guilt and selfishness ..
Not saying a word and hiding as to avoid employees is not the right way to do things as all this does is show more guilt and arrogance on themselves .

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