Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why Does Some Individuals Stay In Marriage Relationships That Is Not Worthy Or Healthy?


Making The Decision

How does one make a decision to get out of a unworthy unhealthy marriage relationship?


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My Opinion

To me marriage is sacred and it should be true Love when ever one commits to another but now I find it's not like that.
As individuals used marriage like a playing game,and some just go after it to have a ring on their finger and a change of name.
But Yes! Getting down to the main concerns, which is individuals in marriages that has long been dissolved as in done.
As I said I know of individuals and Yes! In this world that we live in there are even more.
Individuals who just do not want to move on,why? Some may ask well I will say for security to have much finance,and some for a roof over their heads Yes! The big homes or other with the hedges of beautiful plants.

Serious Views

Some individuals need to move on if the relationship has disolved and finished months or years ago.
Trying to rekindle something that only has one correspondant is just going to be a waste of time,if the other party decides that they just don't want to try.
It does not make any sense living with someone that you can not communicate with, why put yourself through the torture seeing the individual everyday,as they pass by you in the same home that sometimes you share.
It does not make any sense staying around living in a marriage that was cut off years ago,as all you're doing is sitting around doing nothing as you start to get grey and old.
Why the unworthy and unhealthy living with some one who for you doesn't care,why is the ring still on your finger Yes! The one you look at and twirl around everyday?

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