Thursday, 4 August 2016

What It Is To Be Living Among Humans.

What it is to be living among humans living in a world of today,to go on living a life day by day?

With discrepancies of the wayward world, and ways that make your head spin and twirl.

You try to make a stand by helping out a stranded brotherman., while you see some individuals just pass by without any acknowledgment or even a look of a glance.

Living in a world of today,with individuals who carry much love of care along the way.

Is very much appreciated instead of hating, on someone and for them never appreciating.

Most individuals in world hassle and some don't seem to want to slow down, some are workaholics and work the office of business most days and nights long.

And when it comes to family affairs there are some family members around for you ,but then there are others that seemed just to want to frustrate you and make you upset and your life always blue.

What it is to be living among humans living in this wayward world system of ways, that makes you wonder what is really becoming of these days.

I am walking with compassion and always a heart soul aware, a faith of hope I carry to help me out through the days.

Some work today and then tomorrow and then the night is for rest,to get up early to look and feel your best.

And on your pathway, you meet so many individuals out there.

With different personalities some of the love and some who just don't care, but it is not about their wayward way it is about my heart how I care and the genuine love that I share.

The true love that is inside of me,that lift me up and keeps me free.

It's never to hold others in my heart just forgive them and move on, hold my head up high with a courage of faith and hope and be truthfully strong.