Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Mask On Mask Off As Truth Will Be Seen, Heard And Told.

Uncovering the cover ups in world, the no makeup movement is in full effect and it has some individual's minds going around in twirls.

The days of camougflaging in makeup wear, is now changing as a new movementois around.

And it's challenging individuals  tp take their makeup off king off and show their true selves every where home,out and in towns Yes! Where every they go around.

Imagine all those faces to be uncovered and all those masks to take off.

And trying to digest the new facial features of how individuals really look is like Sherlock Holmes at a mystery trying to get it solve.

Just think about the individuals that you will now see walking around.

And some people would think that those individuals are new and now arrived in their home town.

Imagine! Plastering yourself in makeup and now it is all gone, so much faces will look strange and some individuals might even show scorn.

And it is a good thing that is about to happen as always Truth always shows up lies, it's always just a matter of time.

The nights are dark Yes! But then light comes for you to see,truth will always shine for me to see the real you and you see the real me .

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