Friday, 9 December 2016

A Loud Mouth Boss

The work arena of business can really have an effect on individuals and depends on the business and what is going on in it one way or the other.

But what does one do when the changed is not on the staff but with the boss?

"A loud Mouth Boss" who doesn't know when,where or how to conduct his affairs or the affairs of the business in a decent and professional manner.

You know my experiences I know made me a better writer as it's the experiences I write about that others can relate to because it's things that happened each and every day.

Well, I will get on with it and don't keep you the reader waiting too long for the experienced.

Yes, I had an encounter with a very loud mouth boss and going into the company for the first time one would think that he would have been discreet,well it wasn't like that not at all.

Day one I was confronted with a very loud embarrassing moment between the boss and a supervisor that made her stand up and cried,I was not the one involved in the issue but I could feel the embarrassment on the lady.

One thing I can say about myself is that I am a no nonsense person and yes I always speak my heart not my mind,as sometimes the mind likes to manipulate words and put them in directions that they are not meant to go.

I just looked and analyzed the situation and the boss's actions and attitude towards his staff,''How would he confront me if a situation occurred? I asked myself.

I sat at my desk and watched as the supervisor walked off crying, and as I looked at the boss he had a look of satisfaction on his face as if he was proud of his behavior.

One thing I have learned through the years of dealing with businesses,customers and bosses are that never let them or their behavior take you out of your positive zone no matter what.

Always stand firm and it takes two to make an issue of conversation go from bad to worst and in business, no one needs that.

In my position, I was there to do a job to the best of my ability and that was what I was going to do,and ''A Loud Mouth Boss'' was not going to stop me from achieving my goals.

I felt somehow the boss must have noticed the no-nonsense person in me because he never once approached me in any loud manner as he would the other staff members, actually around me he was more like a tamed cat.

And you know what I did ? I used that opportunity to speak to him about his attitude,ways and the way he was treating staff, and yes I got the cat to purr because after that he was a settled man.

What I am saying here is that Bosses come in all different kinds of forms, shapes , sizes and with all different kinds of attitudes.

But it's for you the employee to take your stand if you are standing on a foundation of love,truth and all aspects of positives ways and living no one can move your standing.

Your standing will always be strong and Yes! Maybe you will be able to teach a thing or two to someone that will leave a memorable impact.

An Unappreciative Boss

So often do individuals find themselves working for an unappreciative boss,one who is always and only about the money aspect of a said business.

An unappreciative boss who doesn't seemed to ever appreciate the employee's distribution,honesty,reliability,respectability, and performance.

I for one have come across employers of that caliber and I have also noticed how arrogant and selfish they were.

Even to this day and doing my routine rounds I often come across individuals who works for unappreciative employers.

And I continued to hear conversations of disconnections between employees and employers and the truth is ,that the vast amount of unsatisfied employees is so overwhelming .

In the arena of business, employers must and should contribute themselves in all areas of their businesses not in arrogant,harsh manipulating ways but with decency ,professionalism ,commitment and appreciation not only to their businesses but to their employees as well the one's that distribute awareness to their businesses.

Last year, for instance, I spoke to many unsatisfied employees of businesses who was concerned about bonus payments or even a thank you or an appreciation note or voice of ''Job Well Done'' from their employers.

They were upset some even was threatening to quit because of long standing hours ,hard work,respectable,honestly and professionals that they put into the said businesses and at the end of the year, not even a thank you note of any kind.

Well what I can say is this,it should never be about the money it should be about the integrity of the employers their conscience,their ability to see the kind of staff that they have ,the employee's distribution to the business ,the responsibilities of running the business and for the employer to show his or her appreciation to his or her staff of employees whether he can afford it or not.

A ''Thank you"' meeting or ''Thank you'' cards could be some kind of good gesture to show appreciation to staff as it doesn't always have to be about the money.

As some employees sympathized with some employers to know that sometimes business might not be doing that well and here a ''Thank you'' note of some kind will be well appreciated.

You see the mere fact that some employers aren't considerate enough to show his or her face as to show appreciation in a truthful way only shows more guilt and selfishness .

Not saying a word and hiding as to avoid employees is not the right way to do things as all this does is show more guilt and arrogance on themselves .

Sunday, 4 December 2016

What About Cultures?

These are some questions that were put befor me by a young acquaintance who wanted to know about this way that has been documented for years in some parts of the world.

And my answer to each question is documented as truthful as I can dictate in the most heartfelt way based on my experiences in my life.

1) What About Cultures?
2) Is Culture Changing As Time Goes On?
3) How Does Culture Affect Your Life?
4) As A Writer Do You Think About Replacing Other Cultures Is It Good Because of We Become Upgraded Or Bad Because We Forget Our Culture.
5) In His Country There Is A Problem In That Individuals Are Forgetting Their Culture And Way To Behave And It Is A Bad Problem, What Do I Think?

As a young child, family used to push their way of culture on to me and I always knew deep inside my being that it wasn't for me as I would get the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

And through the years I always find their way of culture, not a part of who I am,and I always disconnected myself from its lies of ways.

So in this part, I can say that I never do cultures and I never will as I always look at it as the past to learn some things from and move on with the future.

If one must take some directions that are meaningful for well-being as a guide that will be beneficial to help them developed themselves.

They should but not as a long lasting luggage barrier ,as the future is ahead with new meaningful aspects of ways.

Yes! We learn some things from the past but some things should also be left alone, ” Things that happened in the past helps to accelerate us to the future"~ Marcelle Hinkson

Only the meaningful should be applied,the future already has it's doors and elements structured to embrace with meaningful precisions and procedures .

You take what meaningful aspects of ways that are needed as a guide from the past and move on,you should never get stacked on the elements of the past as always you must move on to the future.

I find that some cultures are a bad representation of life to keep some individuals in bondage and that is also one of the reasons that I don't follow every worldly organization that go through these passages of ways.

I just follow what my heart of soul know is right for me to do and that is to always follow my truthful heart and do what I am comfortable doing.

Change is good when it comes to meaningful aspects of ways ~Marcelle Hinkson.

No one should be kept embodied in a structure that limits their ability to move on to the future.

There should always be a guideline that produces punctuality in mind and ways to know the necessities of what to take from the past as a guiding tool to move on.

And cultures based on rulings and laws are just filled with bondage elements to keep individuals idle in a long past history of ways that keeps rolling like a wheel of long lost books of documentation going round and round.

There should always be change ,Yes! Good meaningful change to stabilized individuals and their lives in a changing life in the world.

And no political agenda or other should never try to nullify what one should or should not do with their lives from programs that dictate their living structure of ways.

Everyone has a will power and a life to live in the most meaningful way,past episodes are not for a changing but is a blinding.

Cultures come and cultures go and that happens for a reason,what is meant to stay will stay and what is to go will go.

And any cultures with effects that gets branded into individuals lives in an intrusive way is not cultures at all but only ways of mass manipulations of and for bondage.

You know everyone has a being of soul and some have the natural knowledge wisdom and understanding to know what is for them and what isn't for them.

Your being talks and individuals need to listen when you hear yourself question you about whatever situation know that the question is asked for a reason and you must obey.

Don't ever get yourself dragged into political or nonpolitical ways that just stains your life with a meaningless brand and has ways that interfere with the present living of structures.

This is a changing time a changing of universal worlds and there need to be a change in the people.