Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Look Into View-Discrimination!

This is a look into discrimination, especially when dealing with color, it's about the way mankind treat their own individuals that are made up of children,  mothers' sister's  brother's  friends and  father's

It is about the bias way that some individuals go about treating each other because of their skin color.

Being prejudice against anyone is just an individual that is not comfortable or love themselves.

If they had been they would, in fact, be comfortable with everyone else despite what color shape or form that they might come in.

The hate of some individuals that are living in this world comes with much envy towards one another.

And it's a prejudice way that individuals don't show each other care.

Just because someone is not the same color or look like you, doesn't mean that they are different and if cut will bleed the blood of yellow-orange or blue.

You see! They will bleed the same red blood that is running through your veins because just like you, they are called mankind with a build up that is the same.

And the ignorant ways that crept through individual's mind heart of doors must and should not be allowed to enter in, everyone should be treated equally and in this world, they should be able to live peacefully and safely in.

Hearts should never be cold, hearts are made to show love care and appreciation to everyone, whether your skin is white pink black or brown.

To much hate is growing to much pain is showing to many souls are crying, mankind on mother earth needs a massive healing.

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