Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Everyone wants to be a Leader.

Everyone in this world wants to be a leader but what qualifies one for leadership and to be a leader?Is it good looks ?Good will?Huge finances?Intelligence? What?
''As intelligence is a mere means of building one's intellect and focus it's wisdom , knowledge and understand that is the factor that attributes to one achieving one's place in society to be a leader and a guide''- Marcelle Hinkson.
So does every one with the title of leader  and flowing in leadership distributes these skills? 
And then the questions is ,A Leader of what? Of Good or a Leader of Bad?So it really varies and depends on if one is a leader of good or bad and if one carries the devices of leadership and in what capacity are the leadership flowing in.
As so often I have to tell people that ''I would rather be a leader of good than a follower of bad''.
Leadership is a big commitment and it has to have a strong standing of foundation, and a heavy and determined commitment that puts one onto his or her standing, an unmovable mentality that attributes to one doing one's duties of leadership without being hindered by words of indecent exposure by others.
So to all leaders I say lead but lead in the right and truthful way of your directional course. 

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