I've written about the advantages of multitasking and now I'm writing on it's disadvantages as well.
Yesterday I was in conversation with two individuals who voiced their concern about this "Multitasking" way and not now or yesterday but I've noticed it quite some time.
And as I said, to those two individuals it needs to to aired, shown up and rectified and today I'm here to do as such.
Employee's job description of works always seemed to be question when they are pushed into multitasked and Yes! The effects of it on employees always seemed to play out.
Regarding job descriptions ,any individual that finds themselves being employed at any business establishment should off hand know what they post of employment is based on,it's way and description of works.
little is known about multitasking as some employees never question the way ,some on the other hand thinks it's a way of promotion and never seemed to care.
But I'm directing these words of intellectual necessites of passages to the employees that don't know about it but are just pushed and confused with this way.
And today I'm going to put all in highlight and say what I know in my heart is needed to be shown up and say what I have to say.
As I said , some see it as a way to get more done and Yes! It is but in terms of multitasking in the work place there need to be a directional course line for an employee or employees to understand "Why they are multitasking and not getting paid for it, when they only apply for a said job".
More businesses have adapted to this way to get more done with little resource of staff but at what cost?
Damping and destroying staff by pushing them into multitasking is not a business it's a prison and also slavery.
Is this way benifical to the caused?And on whose part?
Yes! We know the employers will benefit with less spending on new staff, more resource of old staff and more work will be done.
But Hey! What about the employees the ones that sign up for a said job ,the ones that are pushed into multitasking, don't they have something to say about it ? If it's not their way?
We'll as I said so much has been  input in this mutitasking scheme and yet so much fail to understand it.
You see multitasking can have it's advantages and it's disadvantages as well just like every thing else.
You can get a lot done, but the employees who signs up for one job title and just knows it as the job they are employed to do.
Only to find find themselves being pushed into multitasking without any knowledged of why? Not being paid for it and doing jobs that other's are paid to do.
Just being pushed and dipped into every area of work and never gets an introduction to the caused.
You know "Principals are principles" and in a world that mankind has now titled "Fast Space" When will these ignorant ways end, the constant maneuvering of staff without their voice of opinion.
I also find that some businesses like to target what some called "The slow learners" to do their dirty work, and the question I'm asking is ,Why? Isn't these individuals humans as well?
Pushing someone to do work that they are not employed to do just because your name is "Boss" or because they can not do better is not right.
It's a manipulating way, it's does not justify principals and it does not create a good taste in employees mouths.
You know ,work is work and whether there is a business that adapts to this way of multitasking an agreement should be put in place for employees to be paid equally for their services rendered.
Businesses like to dipped into resources and Yes! The human energy is a very big resource of fuel like no other.
But it's not to be stolen or pushed into methods that's it's owner's don't want to do.
Everyone has a will power and it's for the said individual to want to do something or not .
A said business gaining from pushing employees into multitasking is not a businesses, Guess what! As I said before it's slavery and It's a prison!
It's wrong and it's manipulation, slavery and robbery, Yes! You the employer's with these kinds of ways is only robbing the employees blind.
You know what? I know that everyone want to makes ends meet and put themselves at a good financial standing  in life.
But employer's that pushed their employees into multitasking without their voice of opinion or any benifical caused should be shown up , and that's what I'm here to do.
This ignorant, greedy and selfish act does not help these employees it just tries to break them to the core.
Multitasking to some employees leaves them  like a glass that falls ,shatters and breaks on the floor.
My recommendation to any individual that goes to find or finds employment at any business of establishments is, to get to know as to understand any contract that you're signing based on your work description.
Voice your views and opinions, asked question ,be always sober mined and wise as to understand the steps you're taking when stepping into a business for employment.
Know your standing ,laws,rules and Yes!The facts of your job description.
I was also placed in a predicament at a business establishment where I worked, and by the way Yes! I'm still working there.
One thing I can tell you is that I always know my standing, facts, and my voice.
And my voice I can assure you that I can used quite well ,not to intimidate but to get my area of view and true standing known and believed me that's best.
In a world of today there should never be cowards or fearful individuals among us .
In this world we are living in we all have to be strong,tough, brave and sober minded with wise intellectual ways.
Loving and caring as to understand each other,not to be preyed on by greedy institutions with false manipulating ways of man.