Monday, 7 March 2016

Leaders'and Squealers'

In this world of a monopoly of businesses, there have a multitude of leaders, with much dictatorship that will and will not help other's needs.
And the main aspect of leadership of voice is to talk to your audience and  listen to your heart without a squealing of voice with noise.
I've seen and heard some leaders try to lead and all you can feel is a strenuous way of voice, in heart and soul and errors with noise.
The way some try to lead you can always feel the hard pushed of their way, and Yes! You can also noticed a heart that don't care.
Leadership is about a leading of individuals by a helping heart choice.
Not about a loud mouth, prestige or a heavy voice.
It's not about high ties and wear, as it's about a heart's and soul's felt care.
About helping individuals anyway you can, in empowerment, a pushed of motivational aspects, a listening ear or a helping hand.
The squealers' of leaders's that seemed to exist today just seemed to be looking for attention,applause and it's about showing off.
You know what? They never have a care,it's a game to them for a name and to live up in high end wear.

Leadership comes from the heart and all it's helpful essence it will bring.
That will let an audience smile, enjoy and their hearts and soul sing.
I've heard individuals that put leadership as an expertise and when they speak, it's a squeal as they speak on edge that just makes one grind their teeth.
As the heart and soul could never connect in ways,heart and voice.
And all you can feel is a protruding of words and a squealing stressful voice.
As I said it all starts within and if you have genuine leadership ways, a heart truthful essence will bring,care, love and all aspects of it's call and your heart voice will fill any passage or hall.
It's always about a love for the people a direct way of the heart and if an individual doesn't have this quality just a squealing, stressful harsh voice from within them will part.
You have to make an audience in more ways than one ,engaging them in talks of interaction of ways.
Showing them that you understand them and Yes! For them you care.
Don't get frustrated and angry because the audience can't take your squealing ways, Hey! If you're a squealer you're going to have an audience that will run away.
This experienced I had a few years back.
I watched as a leader on a flat form address an audience one day.
And the way the speech went you could see and feel the tension ,no direction, the paused without caused.
The lies and the hate and never a heart of care,it's was just a puffed up body that was full of pride .
That wanted to pump an audience full of lies.
Wow! That was a day I never forget because I was taught the true meaning of a leader and a squealer and of false concept of ways.

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