Monday, 7 March 2016

The Economic System.

A contribution of works with much manipulation of minds.
Economic strategies of ways that's always depicts man.
With a volume of directional passages of movement,paused and little caused.
And with individuals trying always to dictate your life, living and wake.
Enormous tendencies of a dictative revenue,that seemed to be always putting false orders in place.
The intriguing passages of ways that directs others on it's lines and with much ways that's robbing mankind blind.
The economic systems that's always standing at a paused only to be interrupted when there is a recovery caused.
Pollutant pastures that mankind walks and always get stuck in, that always seemed to be robbing them of long supplies of savings.
With heavy interruptions and implementing of ways because the system always has and can not stop it's cravings of financial ways.

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