Wednesday, 9 March 2016


You know what every individual in societies called mankind needs to know?
They need to know that "Titles" doesn't make anyone as "Titles" are just earthly accolades made by man for man to accelerate to higher passages of work on this earthly realm.

And soon titles will just dwindle away, because just like everything manmade its not here to stay.

It's already happening as titles doesn't attract anyone like they use to, its now what good you can do. 
Yes!  If one is being titled it's a matter of being "Titled" to do a service, of a wise passionate choice and if it's going to be something good and never bad.

Let your title be based on and represent the good works that you do in all passages of ways, like helping the needy individuals that pass by you each and everyday. 
Yes! Some individuals used their "Titles" to dictate to others in meaningful ways.
And some on the other hand used theirs to degrade, insult and try to manipulate others in every possible way. 
But it all stands for the "Caused" the desires and descriptions based on a heart felt contribution, to drive ,adhere ,depict and dictate with a meaningful cause. 
Nearly everything in today's world seemed to be evolved to be clarify with a "Title" or there will be a stand still.
Yes! Individuals go out to further themselves in life to get to an evenly caused, and I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to want to equip one's self.
But the way some individuals used their "Titles" to dictate and manipulate others is not a cause, it's corruption and it calls for concern, as it's a caused of an alliance for humiliation.
"Titles" should not be aligned with "Puffed up Pride"Manipulation or Destructive ways to bring mankind to humiliation or begging knees.
And individuals need to know that it's not about "Titles" how much you have or your worth that makes you.
It's about the kind,care and love from a genuine heart, and not pieces of paper of documentations that has fine inscription calligraphy of pretty art.
I see individuals that walks around that has "Titles" like banners they are wrapped around their necks.
All puffed up with pride like peacocks parading for show, and they never seemed to be able or want to help anyone, as they always seemed all dressed up for just a show.
Their behaviors are so arrogant and appalling as they treat some individuals like they are not human beings like themselves, as they look at them and seemed to think of these individuals as old ornaments on a dusty shelf.
And mankind needs to know that it's not about the "Titles, How much you've got or your worth".
But it's about a genuine heart that has true meaning that always fight for a good caused and guess what? A loving heart that never goes out of season:)

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