In the world that we live in one sometimes find it hard to trust anyone.
Some always think of motives behind an individual's sometimes past or present representation.
But when does an employer take the step forward to trust an employee?An employee becomes a trusted employee when he can be trusted in ways accruable. 
Having employees in a business that one can trust not only put the employer's mind at ease but it also helps the company to run efficiently.
Taking the initiative to trust someone that shows interest,responsible,reliance and are capable to run the business efficient is stepping stone to trust.
As the individuals not only applies themselves to your place of employment but they also add a temporary part of themselves into the business.
A no nonsense individuals who adapt to precision and procedure to help get the business up at it's running space and who has the business and it's operations at heart.
Trusted employees who don't have to be pushed to administer self reliance but always has and carry the initiative to know what has to be done and do it.
Individuals that always looks out for all aspects of the business and it's growth.