Monday, 21 March 2016

Work Load Choke Hold.

Today I'm writing about individuals that is in choke holds of work, work that they constantly do,without getting much rest, and is always on the go and inside of them is never at it's best.
As they always complain but yet they want to gain and a choke hold they are constantly in, and with all the hard work and no rest all the stress and tension it only bring.
Sometimes some individuals ask you to trade places but You know what? Asking for a day or extra day etc off should solve your restless problem if you are one that is work loaded always on the go, and never have time to even say no!
And then they are some individuals who would tell you that they don't know what it is like to have freedom.
Hmm ! Everyone does have freedom and it's just a matter of using it to benefit you ,but some get caught up in work and rest is something that they seldom do.
Some individuals will tell you that their state celebrated an amount of years of independence.
And you know I have freedom you and everyone else.
Some would also imply about some states having colonial monetary systems legal systems representation and way of life so does it only have a word's significance? They may ask.
And as I keep saying it's up to you the individual to take or don't take the pending task.
As an individual you just need to utilized your authority you are always in charge of you,that is what will power is for to decide what you want or do not want to do.
As I said the decision is always each and every individual's to decide.
And for some they are things that are decided for you, one may also imply.
That is why individuals need to know their rights to know what is good or not good for them, instead of bending on knees and kissing or touching someone's hem.
They need to take the right stand and voiced their opinion and do what they know is right for them the individual.
As it's always up to you the individual to know what it is you will and will not stand for and it's just a matter of basing your decision on what is best for you to act on your behalf.
As an individual you should always try to participate in an area of employment that is on the right standing for you in all ways possible, and be able to do what is right for you Yes! And always be knowledgeable.
Some individuals would tell you that they only know consistency working 10-15 years etc straight, but does it really benefit you when all the years working and you still have a build up of stress and hate?
Well I can tell you that you need to know Reluctantcy, and don't say that it comes in another form Does it? 
Just try saying No ! Sometimes just to get some rest and to keep your mind stress free and calm.
You owe yourselves that to always get the rest that is needed, instead of being over loaded with work that can be utilized to someone that is in your business of work Yes! Someone near to you seated.
Sometimes it's good to say No! When it can also benefit you as vice versa.
Just think about you and really think about this article Yes! This one I just wrote to show you :) 
And some individuals complain Yes! But yet they think that a substantial monetary standing at the end they will gain.Hmm!
Any kind of work load of choke hold is not team work it's just insane work, that leaves their bank accounts and pockets full and their hearts broken.
And it just drives an individual insane as it confuses their mind as well as their living,Is it really necessary some of the work loads that some individuals are doing or are given?

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