Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Work Robotism of Eulogies.

In a diverse of introductory measures based on work ethics, precision and procedures, some individuals in the work places of business find themselves constantly embarking on a "Robotic Challenging Mood".
A diverse division between"Work" and "Reality" of life with meaning accolades of growth and happiness.
 So much of us has grown into the work field of "Robotism" as to let work dictate every aspect of one's being in life and living.
A mere interruption and paused in life that stops oneself from being happy, and so much individuals are embodied in work procedures that they somehow find it difficult to live a normal life;Yes! A life with much meaning and happiness.
How can an individual just numb themselves from the life their once live, to be generated into a field of "Robotic Institutions"?
  A mere delusion of false hope with no meaning of embodiment.
Yes! You may gained a high financial standing but what after that, where is the happiness, where is your life and the momentum of self?
Yes! This is a changing world but why put oneself in a "Robotic State" of being of work attitude when your life of happiness is on the line? Why cut short a life of meaning for profit?
I know of so many individuals who are so caught up in work and this "Work Robotism of Eulogies" .It's a mere killing of your inner self ,Yes! your being.
Yes! They have much financial standing and growth but they don't have a life, that is a life of happiness.
They have it all but they still maneuver in a "Robotic State of being" in life and ways, without meaning, motion, consciousness or happiness.
Just a mere workaholic robot going to and fro without taking a paused,What is the man made ways ,institutions and orders doing to individuals? 
Yes! Success can be gained but when it dampens or destroys one's life and way of living it's a delusion. 
 I know everyone wants to be able to have a good financial standing that allows them to be able to make ends meet and other, but when your financial standing and growth is more that sufficient and there is no more to achieved what then?
High praised for a life of "Robotic work ethics"  and ways is not achievement.
Yes!Families complain, their partners  complain so don't these individuals see that there is a paused of disruption somewhere?
Isn't your life worth living ?Don't you want happiness? Do you remember what happiness feels like?
Blanking out your life is not success it's just cutting short your happiness for a "Robotic state of being" and loneliness.   

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