Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Enjoy Your Days And Don't Let your Days Enjoy You In Frustrating Ways

Always enjoy your days and don't let your days enjoy you with seconds hours minutes of stress and frustrations that makes you sigh and blue don't ever let your bad days manipulate you.

I know of individuals and enjoying their days they never do as it's always their days pulling them in a test, it's always the repeating of their bad day in mind ways of stress frustration with much sighing and faces that is grumpily dress.

Why may I ask, Why don't these individuals take control of their days, and put things in motion that will sing sweet songs of ways?

Why do they jump to the conclusions of mentality that if one day goes wrong that everything will, and what they are really doing is taking a self induced destruction of day words pill as what they are thinking and saying will manifest at they will.

Some of these individuals do not understand that this is a different dimension that is going faster and changing every moment for a completion.

And a word world atmosphere of way, and what ever anyone put up will manifest in some ways and stay.

When ever you awake to a new day, be thankful that you are alive and well to see it, always think positive of your day and you having strength to make it.

Never be grumpy because something didn't go your way, just look at the situation as not happening for a reason as it will happen for you sometime another day.

Always make yourself happy and stop all the sighing way, just show yourself Love to embrace some caring ways.

Going around with a frown on your face does not make things better or make you look appealing,it just will bring more attentions to you of more dark days of what you keep sighing and pleading.

So brighten up cheer up and take each day with some strength on your back, never grow weary or frustrated always be strong to push back.

Push back with perseverance strength  faith in the right heart of mind set, and the hope that you will enjoy your days of each one that you will get.

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  1. It is a good thing to enjoy each day. It is more valuable than anything you can buy. Do not take for granted. Live and enjoy!