Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Evolution of World's Artiste Much Recognition Mostly in Dying and Death Ways

Well what can I say? I can say that some ways in world has really turned upside down.

Prince the artiste just passed away, R.I.P Prince. 

I'm not a fan as I am just an individual observing effects,ways, events and others that takes place and Yes! I document them as to say and make relavent issues known.

Yes! I listen to music only the positive soothing kind that has something to offer my spirit and soul in meaningful ways .

This is and will be always my way of life as I've adapted to from young.

And today I want to speak about the trend that has evolved in world,The Evolution of World's Artiste Much Recognition Mostly in Dying  and Death Ways.

And I am not speaking about Prince alone, I am speaking about the others before him and to come.
Yes! Respect is due don't get me wrong, and it has more worth when delivered "In Life! 

Why much recognition? Why when dying or at death? 

As these individuals live among everyone in society in the world we live in, so why the big recognition only after when they get deep in the earth?

I know that these individuals want their privacy just like everyone else but while breathing and living you could hardly hear of these individuals names days months years once or twice a day.

So tell me me why is that may I asked? Why only all the  recognition only when they have passed.

And their music gets so constantly played over all media going  all ways in air waves,but why after death all the recognition of teasing base and all the individuald that has faces of much teary tears?

When these individuals are around and living some of them live private lives Yes! That is understandable! But they can also be recognized while living as well.
So why wait until its to late to tell them what them and their work has done,why wait until they have passed and their bodies are going in the hard soil earth of ground?Why Wait?

As we all know that in the music industry it is all about money ,selfishness and greed and for the beneficiaries to benefit off the death and get every cent their need,Yes! As i said it's all about "Music Industry Greed!

But you know what? Living off the dead is not a wise choosing, it's about living off their truthful positive life of meaning.

Yes! Of the memories of relevant positive productions of ways in wares that they did Yes!When they were living in the world with life of breathing ways.

The seeds of positive stands that were built while their were living, it's not about giving them a reconigtion only after they have died or dying.

It's about knowing what to do, when you hear one of their true tunes.
And equipting yourself in heart,it's about the true relavent messages that from an artists or others's souls that truthfully depart.

It should never be about the fine pretty clothes they wear,the makeup or the way they style their hair.

But it should always be about the "True Message! Of the true seeds they grow and the postive nature of wares that to everyone they lovingly showed.

Positive seeds in indiviuals hearts that is meaningful and helps them as to show them which way to go.

And it should never be about the money that the beneficial ones can gain but about the truth of integrity that gives the artists his or her name.

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  1. Prince was human like us all. He created good music , and perfected his craft.. whatever he was not, I guess he will deal with it at the time only he can deal with it. I'm sorry the world can be so unfair, highlighting some and not the others who I think need the recognition the most.
    A confused people, in a confused world, does not take away from the beauty shared by the talents of others attained.
    Excellent post Marcelle!