Always know the meaning of a true way it's authentic true Love ways of reels that embed true brother's and sisters' in and of Love care needs.
Mankind now live in a society in a world that now wants everything program,and now their agenda is to try it on every girl woman boy and man. 
My question is! Mankind they are trying to program everything so what about you, don't you think that they would also try to program you?
As they just want everything in order so that they would just have to press a button,without having to say a word as having to do nothing.
As now they are trying to program individuals of days to show peace to each other,to show Love to a mother brother father and sister and care to mother nature.
What??? Is it just me seeing and knowing this that ways of wayward world is trying to take a deadly turn to manipulate individuals in ways as to show their emotions of feelings to whom and when to care and eventually it's going to lead to a burning road of path way.
Hmm! An illusion of circumstantial programming fusions that is trying to manipulate the minds of mankind to control them in ways all the time.
True Love is always relevant,and it's not and should not be programmable.
It's a genuine ware of ways that's embedded with true heart ways to bare.
And wayward world programming ways to dictate how and when to show Love,is not love at all but just some testings that is done in the science labs.
Yes! For biological warfare with beneficial ways to take mankind under control eventually with fear.
As to do a wayward world will of every way they say, as they just want to control mankind in every way.
Your will power is your own and should not be tampered with,it's a natural God given gift.
For you to see and know as to decide which way you want to go,a freedom of way that is embedded in wares of a heart of truthful soul.
And when ever you gave up your will power to a wayward world you will be putting up yourselves for much manipulation lies and deceit, that with a wayward world will have you bending on hands with teary swollen teary eyes and kneeling on knees.
Not a freedom but a bending down to kiss a wayward world of ways that has so much deception deceit and manipulating ways.
In it's states leaderships of a wayward world networking devious ways,that for mankind carry no true heart of ways.
Don't ever trust them and always know your true soul heart's authentic meaning and reasonings ,as this world is in for a big shake up and everyone should know and have authentic true meanings.