Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mankind's False Interpretation of Love and knowing it's True Value

There are but a few in society who don't know the value, description and meaning of the word love and it's authenticity. 

To some it's just a mere mock up of the word and they used it as an unidentified and unworthy cause.

Some say,  ‘‘ I love you" but behind that it shows hate, treason, envy, deceit and hate.

It is being used as a mere gimmick and a trial in an undignified way, but why?

Why are so many using it and not saying it in truth?

It's because they don't know or care to appreciate and embrace the meaning,value and true existence of the word in actions. 

‘‘ I love you" now flows from mankind's mouth like a trend, a despicable, unedifying mockery, not to be show for appreciation but for treason.

Not showing the genuineness of it's meaning but to be used as a ‘‘what you need to hear’’ word. 

It is being said without clarity, with no definition of it's meaning, no reliance, no attitude and no limit.

Anyone who know the truthful meaning of Love, it's appearance and it's nature, would appreciate it's usage. 

And immediately will identify and know when it's just being showcased by others or said out of content as mere ignorance, lust or for appetite.

When one has lustful love, it makes them want to get what they need in sight and mind. 

This is not real love but just a mere means of illusional ways. 

Intimidated by the mind's interpretation of it's unqualified needs. 

‘‘ Lying love’’ which fall under the category of ignorance and lust, comes about when one tells someone what one needs to hear. 

To get what one wants and it's a mere means of deceiving the other in a nullified diplomatic way with a straight face,  delusional devious mind and a tainted heart. 

And then there is when love is used as an appetizer. 

lots of people seem to like this one, ‘‘ I love you", they would say and they minds and heart holds a grudge of hatred towards you. 

It's just being said as a ‘‘ Save Face’’ in a egoism way by others who try to manipulate things for they selfish needs to fill they appetite. 

One must understand and be able to define this four letter word,  it's a weapon of intrigue. 

It's a way, a perfection, an evolving substance, that was originated and generate from the Fathers hand and heart. 

It's a feeling, a truth,a living matter and it can not be copied, it's put in place to be truly showered, showed and shared. Saying "I love you" with no meaning makes it dry, dark , hallow and Yes! False. 

And anyone that knows it's true way will know when it's just said to be displayed. 

Yet so much seem to used it daily without emphasizing it's truth, it's has now become a trend, a by word, a part of everyday false  speech. 

It has now become a trending mere aspect of society's way of manipulating each other.

I observed people who say it to others, even to me, and you know what?

I not only realized but I felt and knew that it was all fake. 

It concerns me to see how it just easily flows from individual's mouths' without truthful thinking and meaning of it's value.

A lot is going on in the world, the enemy is using mankind in so many ways to try to pollute every good way. 

By trying to turn things around from what good they supposed to be, and trying to channel and copy every aspect of ways by turning them into repulsive and wicked behaviors. 

I am a human who appreciates real genuine Love for it's conception, it's worth, it's appearance and it's foundation. 

When someone say it and means it you feel it, the excitement, the joy, the gratitude, it's  worth. 

And you have appreciation as you feel the substance of the word for it's true meaning, and your heart accepts ,accompany and embrace it. 

When it is not truthful, the heart rejects it, you don't feel it because it's not said in truth and is not being spoken with true intentions.

‘‘ The Heart is the Instrument of Love it Refutes Lies and Embrace LOVE’’~Marcelle Hinkson

And so the one that says it with out meaning , makes the vulnerable unconscious one that hears it, to hear it with the ear, the mind then interprets it as they make and puts it into a false need. 

Love is just a four letter word, it's a small word but it's value is great and greater than anything. 

 Only the true conscious can comprehend it's  existence, it's nature and it's exhibition, as it's bigger than you and I. 

No one will know the depths of genuine love until they find out and know it's true value, it's true original distributor and maker. 

And as some continue to look at love in a different perspective, some see love as a mere fast way. 

Of getting or having sex with as much people as possible, for they appetite. 

And some use it as a form of ego, others used it as a way of showing maturity. 

And yet again so much fail to look at love and to see it for what it really means, and that is for reliance, education, commitment, help care and edification. 

When you say "l love you" it should not be used for one's selfish gain, by interpreting it as something different than what it is meant, by misusing venerable people for self enjoyment and appetite.  

Love should be about appreciation and care as it makes an impact on someone or their lives to help them in the most positive ways. 

It should be about being true to yourself, so that you can be true to others, and appreciate the commitment that is truly showed showered and shared. 

Love is a precious gem, it's all about the heart, real and authentic in being and substance. 

Yet again so much fail to identify and understand it, they fail to see the velocity of it's nature, some fail to embrace it and to show it. 

Love can not be measured because it's an ever growing essence of matter. 

The more love you share to others, the more the heart will bring, put in place for mankind to use, to get them through each day. 

But some ignore it, misuse it, forget it, copy it and with no hope, gets lost along the way.

Love is a guide, an instrument of perfection, made and transfer from the father's heart and hand. 

It is here and put in motion to be showed,  showered and shared, in one's life and to always play a part. 

Why say it if you don't mean it? Why say it without edification if you can't say it truthfully why say anything at all?

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