Monday, 9 May 2016

What does Mother's Day Mean To You?

When I was a child I  had always been intrigued by this event and always asked the question "Why do others celebrate this May date as Mother"s day is this the day that every mother give birth on this earthly realm and became a mother for the first time?The answer was of course No!
My question to all mothers is ''What is your mothers day? Don't you as a mother giving birth for the first time consider that day mothers day?And what would you tell a child when he or she asked you about "Mother's Day?
Actually the way I looked at it there are two "Mother's Days", a mother's day from a mother's point of view and a mother's day from child's point of view.
Yesterday while at work and the experienced that I had gave me the blue prints to write this blog also the constant questioning I was giving myself about this day called "Mother's Day".
A Son or Daughters Point of View 
The question I am asking here is ,"As a son or daughter who holds a female figure in their lives as someone they respect,appreciate and admire wouldn't or shouldn't you show appreciation to this person everyday that she in your life?Do you have to wait for a day depicted by others to show appreciation to a mother that you so love?
A Mother's point of view
My Mother's day is the day that I became a mother for the first time that is the day that I depicts as my mother's day, and the second time I gave birth to my second son yes that is also my mother's day.
Mothers! That first day that you saw your daughter or son birth from within you?the day you looked upon your little child,the day you smelt,cuddle,caress and looked at the precious little gift that you had been given, isn't that precious to be called your mothers day gifting?
I am  person that do not let events of others depict what I should and should not do, as my meaning of mother's day has no significance with the May date celebration of mothers day.
Yes! I Thank individuals out of respect for being mothers and doing a great truthful guardianship job.
But I don't run around calling out Happy Mothers day out loud.
I show appreciation to mothers that is doing well,and I said what I have to say and hope for them all things continue to be well.
It's a true feeling of way a need of sincerity, to have the heart to give true heart's security.
To the gifts every woman called mother was given, little angel boys and girls from Holy Heaven.
But to get program to understand the meaning of a true way is not what I do as I know that being a mother is in my being to stay and it is true.
For me to celebrate this May event of characteristics will be avoid in my sense of being as this day has no significance no memory and no caused in my life in no way ,shape or form.
It's a day Yes! But every day is also a day, and mother's should be appreciated every day.
That is me and this is the virtues that I hold, to embrace each individual for the works that they have brought forth.
For the true love that they bring each day to me, for the guardianship that kept me safe until it was safe to be free.
I watched as individuals just picked up cards to send to mothers in a zombie way of look and emotions and just wrote on them without even a sense of feeling or knowing what'' Mothers day'' is or why they are actually buying cards and sending.
And you know what I did? I deliberately asked about the trend of collecting and writing these mothers days card and was told "Isn't it to be mothers day on Sunday that is why we buy the cards?Seriously ? 
Wow imagine this and the way how mankind seemed to have been programmed to show appreciation to their mothers and when and don't carry the true emotion to display with the cards.
It's just buying by program and giving but some still have cold hard hearts.
Is this how individuals in this world has to be reminded to show a false love or appreciate to someone ?Is it their way or the way of the world? 
"Mother's Day is the day of mankind's delusional aspect of recurrence of untimely birth and awareness."
As I said my mother's day is the day that my womb opened up with joy, as Father God gave me my two beautiful boys :) 

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