Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Customer Service Or Lying Persuasion Of Advice?

How many of you sales assistants lie to the customers each day and how many of you put up a fake front?
How many of you say an outfit of clothing fits the individual when the truth of the matter is that the outfit had stunk?

In a world of industrial wear, individuals copy the trend of wearing brand name gear there are so many styles out there,and they don't suit everyone to wear.

So what about all the lies, when sales assistants lie and look customers in their eyes?
To say" That shirt ,pants,dress, blouse of wears fits you like it is made for you to wear".

Why the deceit of words,why not let the customer know that the outfit was not fitting good  and that it had them looking they worst?

Wearing an outfit that does not fit a body structure and falsely saying that that it looks good and fit is not good customer service, it is just a way of deceiving  the customer into buying Yes! And it is a trick.

My way is always tell the truth don't tell a customer lies because it will put your commission in a high view, always remember that the customers are depending on you.

Monday, 27 June 2016

STOP IT ! A Message To Mankind.

Stop the anger unforgiving and the hate.

Stop being ungrateful to individuals to whom you don't appreciate.

Stop the lies and the deceit.

Stop the watching of adult and child porn as you try to be so discreet.

Stop the killing robbing and the abuse.

Stop robbing the kids of their precious innocence of youth.

Stop the cutting and torture of yourselves and your bodies.

Stop the running around with every Jane Sally Jill Tom Dick and Harry.

Stop the using of needles with drugs that you pump into your bodies that just make you sick.

As everyday you do it ,it just makes you trip.

As it is made to just make your minds degrade mess up rotten and sick.

As it gets weary and old like a solid old brick.

Stop the pollutions that is trying to destroy mother earth.

When she gets angry giving back will be way worst.

Stop the coning scamming all the tricking of your brother man.

To get quick money to put in your filthy hands.

Stop the smoking and the drinking Yes! The bad substance abuse that to your health is really bad.

You only have one life to live and one body to carry so why are you treating it so bad by using things that is just making you numb as you party so hard.

Stop the neglecting of the precious kids.

To get something that you never did.

Stop! Open your eyes and really look around this place .

And see how these wayward ways of world is trying so hard to destroy mankind and this place in a haste.