Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why Do Some Individuals Text Reply Etc Take So Long ?

You know earlier this morning this is what I woke up to , this text conversation of a way with questions and answers being thrown out of context.

My thing is! And I know that also individuals out there find the long waiting aspect of a reply text could be quite annoying and time wasting.

I don't like phones that much as I never liked the idea of all the chatter :)) Anyway back to the point!

I'm an individual who is very straight forward, I like to say what is in my heart not my mind as the mind can be easily manipulated if you get what I mean and if you don't well that is another area for discussion.

First off when anyone calls me by phone and they are talking to someone in the background and do not address themselves to the call I basically hang up after I say Hello with no reply.

When anyone texts me and I have to be the only person texting , well that's the time for me to just find something else to do and discontinue the call with 'Bye I'll text you sometime".

I should not be in a conversation with someone whether it's a phone call or text and have to be the messenger, speaker, and interpreter.

What sense is it to the conversation as it should be a two way conversation not a one way one.

And then there is the long wait between each text, hey what's really up with that, Why the long wait for a reply?

It is just annoying these new ways and methods that have some individuals all caught up.

Why do some individuals text someone and don't know what to say?

Or just fall asleep on the call, I understand Yes! Individuals get tired but Hey! Saying I'm tired or sleepy isn't going to hurt anyone, the dropping asleep on the call that sure will.

Or worst scenario and that is that  you forget that you were talking to someone? Seriously?

This one really takes the cake,texting someone and just forget you were talking to them hmm!

Some individuals will call me rude well I speak truth, this is just an ignorant way, and when I see these kinds of conversations I just get out of the way.

Another one I see often happening that I find really rude and this is where the context of rude should really come in :)

And that is individuals doing business and texting away just ignoring the person that is addressing them .

This one I never do as when someone come to do business with me and I don't have their attention.

I always tell them to get back to me when they are ready for service and it's not being rude it's just me justifying my way of doing things with the right procedures.

You know! I was told that I can not take criticism but I had to tell the individual never to get mix up with the meaning of the two words.

Criticism and directions of motivation are different words with different meanings.

I don't criticize and I don't allow criticism I allow inspiration motivation love and growth.

Criticism weakens the core, and anything that can not help build me I reject just as simple as that criticism is not a builder but a breaker.

I'm not broken nor do I want to be  broken and I'm not in for any weakening but building.

Directing someone to do better that's direction of motivation and that I understand.

Criticizing someone to break them to do nothing but deteriorate by not compelling themselves to go on do better or go further because of being criticized that is not right.

As I said I do the direction motivation course and anyone who understand what it means will know and understand what I'm saying .

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