Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Like! I LOVE :)

The contents of this blog article really open up my heart of being more to my intellect experiences and of what some one once made in a statement.

The meaning of these two words of emotions, sounding a like but one differs from the other in so many ways than one.

The precept and concept of what some may call a living word but yet when you say them they some how define the elements of speech and what it is directed to.

Two words but so different sounding so much like the other but when you can really use them and know the essence of the words, you will be able to say them and appoint them to the necessary accolades without any mishap or perspective of view.

What is the meaning of like? You may ask, well from my view and my meaning of the word like. 

I would say that liking something or someone is a mere appoint of view you like it but it's not an important factor. 

It's just a playful gesture of emotion when liking something or someone it's not deep or damaging. 

Meaning it does not control you or what ever your liking may be appointed to.

In mankind's dictionary you find the meaning of the word "like" as used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.

 I think that my meaning of like sounds more appropriate as a defilement. 

I have a matured mind and my intellect and mentality has evolved tremendously, I no longer see words as by words of every day usage words. 

I now see, sense and reguriate words and used them for they true essence of meaning. 

I have learned and yes I am still being taught :) of how to feel, know each word of vocabulary meaning of emotion and use them appropriately.

That way when you hear words being said, you can actually feel the word, the emotion behind it and know the conclusion behind i. 

That is, if it has an idolized meaning behind it or if it's just a mere look like gesture of emotion without harm.

I can say that I like something but can I say I love it? No! Not really. 

I have to know which words to use, and how to appoint it to it's right structure of phrasing. 

I can not say I love something when in fact it's a mere infatuation, and not bonding. 

I can say that I love my Creator, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, because I know the essence of the word's representation of love. 

I know why I say it, when I say it and where it comes from, and how it is defined when I say it.

I would not used the word ‘‘ like’’ in this process because it would be a lie. 

And I would not just like my Creator who brought me into being, because I know we have a bonding a true authentic love alignment. 

And I used the word love here as it is and was meant to be used in the atmost genuine and truthful way.

Now again I can say I like a dress or other but that doesn't mean that I am in love with it, no way, no shape, no how. 

I like it by means or a mere fact that it fits right, it has the right material, style, color or price.

I would not say that I love it because it's materialistic, it's something that changes in style, fashion and era.

I work at a retail establishment and the way some customers used these two words of content is appalling, sometimes I have to voice my opinion by saying " You love that dress, shoes, jewelry to death? Seriously?

Do they know what they are saying? Do they know the difference of "like" or "love" or the out come of the consequences of their  predictions that they manifest on themselves? No they don't.

Why would anyone want to die for a dress or any fabricated piece of materialistic wear? 

I say to some of them, really? For just material, you love these things to death?

Or your heart would break if you don't get it?SERIOUSLY???

Isn't that appalling? Yes it sure is, think about it! 

If these people used love for a dress, jewelry, actors, artiste etc, I wonder what word and how they would used love when they have to say it to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit or to someone that they would say to a beloved someone they truly cherish.

It's When, Where and How.

(1) When to used the right word as it should be directed upon to describe a mere element of usage.

(2) Where to used the right word and direct it for it's useful and appropriate construction.

(3) How to defined, that is, how it was appointed to, to clarify your true emotion of clarity and not for waste.

Everyday these words "like"and "love" are being thrown left and right in speech sentences and no one seem to know the difference. 

They used them just as words of context, and never for they meaning, just words of false gesture.

It's a way of mankind's false interpretation of Love, and they need to know the true value of the words Love and like. 

So on seeing a dress, shoes, bag, jewelry etc, that you think that you would die for. 

I beg of you! Please look at these things, really look at them. 

Think of your words of predictions that you put in the atmosphere on your self, don't ever forget that the mouth speaks life and death.

Search and feel deep within your heart and soul, and get the true authentic meaning of your actions of admiration. 

Don't let it be an delusional eye sight attachment but let it be a true authentic harmless viewing of liking that you can just look at and turn away from.

So when next you go shopping or other test  your ability to know the difference between "like" and "love" feel the words you used, know why you are using them for they true vocabulary meaning of emotion and use them appropriately for their true worth. 

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