Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Difference between Motivation and Critism

In my life I've seen motivation and criticism aspects being directed at others and what I can say is that the both of them is the different from the other in ways of meaning, essence and poised.
There are individuals out there who notion that they are motivating others but instead they are criticizing them to the core.
I'm no judge and I don't judge anyone as the judging is up to the Creator of existence and whenever he feels fit he will do as such.
The declaration of my voice of passage is just saying in views, as a motivation empowering tool.
I've seen and met others who seemed so eager to motivate others and these individuals are just playing a part.
They gather friends around that seemed so troubled in mind, spirit and ways and instead of motivating these individuals to do good it's all criticism and a pushed to do bad.
I find no basis for this kind of behavior at all I'm a God fearing woman and I like to see others motivated to do good not to be pushed to do bad and then criticized at their attempt to do bad.
Some individuals in this society called mankind has just become a selfish,uncouth, arrogant bunch of people who just look out for themselves and their own needs and not the needs of others.
Some seemed to be in the habit of luring negative people of influences into their lives and then when things go sour the bitterness on their tongues lashes out in Criticism.
Why would anyone want to criticized someone to make them feel bad when they can motivate them to do good?
You know "Criticism does not fulfill the body it weakens the core".
Motivation on the other hand was put in place to help others to achieved a sense of worth and meaning to adapt to the changing aspects of things and live freely in ways most memorable and pleasing.
To help someone achieved a growth pattern of existence and expansions and not to indulged in mind,body ,spirit or soul harming accolades.
So why criticized to pushed down when one can motivate to build up?
A back lash of stabs of demolition is what critics of individuals does to the weak and struggling.
The intriguing way of a critics' Criticism is just appalling.
Correction is good Criticism is bad, one can not mixed the two because correction is a challenged to do right while Criticism is a knock to demolished.
The softness of words directed from a motivational speaker and the thread from a critic's tongue is not and will never be the same.
There is never the same feel of authenticity of words of movement so in fact there is a difference and yes everyone will ,shall and always noticed.

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