Sunday, 22 January 2017

Climate Change? Or Mankinds Manipulating Ways?

Climate change was described as a terrorist and that is the craziest thing amongst mankind that I have ever heard.

Mother nature and her elements were around before mankind existed and she knows how to control and evolve the world.

The universal structure was not made by man, so why does mankind keep doing ignorant things to try to push God the Creator's hand.

Truth must be heard and it is the time that it is heard because this wayward falsifying of ways are just leaving mankind to go around in circles among themselves.

Climate change was never and will never be a terrorist, it's some among you with a manipulation of worldly vessels that tries to intimidate structures of ways, that produce bad weather through the months and sometimes days.

It's the forecasting of entities of bad government structure.

Yes! The earth is changing as it continues to evolve in ways naturally recommended by its Creator that has been doing through the ages.

And Yes! The climate is changing as it's an umbilical reform structure to adjust to his partnership the changing world.

But In no means does climate change represent a weapon of destruction as stated by the ignorance speaking of some governmental leading entities that pushed false wayward ways.

As falsifying ways manipulate the weather system structure by wicked machinery that is controlled by hands that invest millions of dollars to generate billions more amongst themselves.

Climate change isn't a threat it's just another attempt to put a devious veil over mankind's eyes by their own that distribute controlling ways.

Mother nature knows when and how she will maneuver in ways to adjust to a changing world as she adjusts herself in the universal realm, and she does not need a chaperone, she has been doing it all through the ages without the help of man.

Help is needed in areas of healing her wounds from hands that caused her to be affected by the raping and abusing of her elements which she produces to help her maintain her stance.

It's so intriguing to see how governmental structures can follow each other in a falsified way and place a title on mother nature's natural system forecast and can not put a title on their destruction of manipulating ways.

The climate is not the reason for panic or the cause of territorial destruction, it's individuals among yourselves called mankind that weary the world and it's people with much hardships of weapons, laws, and structures.

With the destruction of ways with weaponry that erupts a premature launch in the earth's atmosphere and hemisphere to produce panicking and fearful effects that just lead to transmitted ways to intimidate individuals among you into their hands.

From manmade machinery that is situated above below and around the world, is channeling effective ways that manipulate weather behavior as to cause an outburst that changes climate mobility to channel ways that do depict harsh weather.

But It's not naturally borne, it's just a made up of mechanisms of man's superficial elements of distruction, to gain control of the masses and to direct billion of dollars into their own pockets.

Mother nature and her evolving system of elements are innocent of what they call a threat to mankind.

Some among you robbed mother nature of nearly everything that she is and now they are trying to rob her of her adequate and healing reputation that she uses to evolve protect and maintain individuals in the world.

There should never be a guilty verdict placed on her head, with all that she keeps enduring by malicious hands and entities of ways, she is still trying to maintain her stance her structure and her truths, and you know what? She will speak out!

Mankind has gained entry into an extraordinary world of manipulating software and weaponry that were produced by tainted hands.

And they try to control, as they use elements of ways to try to dictate how mother nature's climate structure should work.

And mother nature speaks today and she is saying that she will not compromise with mankind's reckless behavior that continues to taint her name.

There are hands that control buttons of large structure of systems, wheels that is driven under your feet that maneuver through deep tunnels of basements with secret doors, and space eye metal of wares that manoeuvre where and how they want their devious plan to eventually be displayed in the lives of individuals as to try to disrupt their days.

Mother nature's climate system is not a terrorist, she is not here to cause harm, she is not a weapon of destruction, she is just here to keep mankind safe, happy secured alive and warm.

Some territories are causing massive destruction amongst themselves as they push massive disturbances into the hemisphere and atmosphere all around the world.

Everyone should by now have the knowledge wisdom and understanding of what is going on among you, from others with manipulating structures of ways.

As for instance Japan! That months ago produce an earthquake from using a piece of their weaponry.

Some individuals eyes and ears are open but they do not see or hear as to be conscious enough to comprehend that they are standing in a world with individuals like themselves that has seeded many manipulating elements of aspects of ways just to control them.

And these are all done bt those among you just like you with deliberate acts and not mother nature's natural changing ways. 

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