Friday, 27 January 2017

In Depths Of Debt Or Spending Check-Doing Worldly Instead Of Priorities?

I once tried my hand at debt collection as a bailiff at an agency after I got a call, and I didn't stay there long as within four days I was gone.

You see!  I have a heart for the people and deep within me, I knew that it was just wrong harassing individuals for payments that they didn't have.

Yes!  I know that some individuals do overdo things but trying to put fear into individuals isn't going to make things better.

There is a fact that some individuals do find themselves in a bad situation and whether it's because of bad government structure or other, a leniency should be put in place.

I know that they are individual who like to impress others and spend wildly, and sometimes doesn't think about their priorities.

And I do also know that they are individuals who don't have but Is willing to pay and some that have that is not willing to pay.

And I think that some businesses need to work with their customers and find out how well they can go about handling bad debts instead of an enforcement of fear.

It's not for anyone to judge anyone, people do go through things and they mature.

And when the time comes for some individuals they do learn to do better as they go on.

In that office, I went through thousands of files of documentation and letters upon letters based on the different direct method that individuals are addressed with to prompt fear into them to make them produce the payments.

And what really caught my eye was the final warning letters and the going to court ones.

They really made me think about what I was doing as I sit at my desk as I examined each file that was before me to put procedures in place.

Those letters were letters of harassment to put fear into individuals, and I'm not here to help implement fear into anyone, but True love and a way of understanding that will help individuals to understand how true and positive to live.

I left that collection agency because it doesn't carry the essence of a true love passage, and like any individual out there that have debt or had debt.

 I know how they feel when they find themselves in certain situations and is being bombarded by threats from individuals that try to solicit monies etc.

And it's never a good feeling, it just comes off as a burden of fear being pushed at you.

And if I don't want that for myself I cannot do it to others, that is why I left the agency.

Someone told me that some people need fear to make them do things, and I say they don't.

Individuals just need a true directional way that will allow them to understand the right from the wrong.

To know the things and areas that will benefit them and the ones that wouldn't.

True directional passages of aspects of ways instead of blinding worldly elements that they are bombarded with daily with the elements of materialistic things and ways of procedures that constantly beguiled them.

That only leads to some individuals doing worldly instead of priorities.

Fear should never be cast at them, only communication with true knowledge in the directions that will make them understand how to put their priorities first.

Think about it! Instead of businesses bombarding individual with materialistic wear etc that only robs some of their finances.

And implement direct and true ways that will help individuals steady and build their lives financially.

Just think how much individual will save and get themselves financed well enough to stable their living of life and family.

The millions of dollars spent daily on materialistic wares devices etc that robs individuals daily, with just a mere usage in days months or a year and then it's not trending or wanted anymore, just to throw away.

Then a new line is replaced much higher, it is just a beguiling of the masses but instead of an apple, it's the materialistic wares.

Yes! This is a new era and the apples are all on the trees all around you in the material things that you see.

And the snake is the businesses that pushed those materialistic things in your face.

Also, the voices in your head that tell you I must get this because I want it.

I do know that everyone has their own will power to do what they want, but being controlled by making bad decisions based on what false elements certain institutions in world push at you isn't anyone using their will power it's just individuals being brainwashed, beguiled and control.

A lot of individuals sometimes find themselves dealing with the bad financial situation because of the element structures that are implemented by some individuals of businesses to get what every they have.

When you look at it, it's always to get more of what an individual has, and if they can't pay its always to go after all that they have.

So who is beguiling who? With the first entrance of making things and aspects of ways to look so significant and grand.

And then after a few days months or years, the same system wants to take every cent from your financial stand.

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