Friday, 20 January 2017


Everyone is talking about ‘‘ No Bullying! And Yes! It is a terrible and bad thing

Now I realized that when you look at the area aspect of bullying some individuals want to pick and choose with a double tongue they use to say and now they giving a sleazy devious grin.

You know! Bullying is bullying and it should never be icing coated when hate- racism and envy etc is coming from them and your, destruction is their motive.

Bullying is bullying and being pushed by a bully is bullying the same way.

Bullying in school are always highlighted and so is bullying in life in relationships from a husband or wife.

Bullying from social media a way that stirs up hatred and continuous strife.

Bullying from an intruder that approach you with some weapon or a knife.

I don't argue politics or religion I aligned myself with what is truthful and right, I speak with Loving words that heals and open the unconscious eyes and always avoids anyone that has angry spirits that may want to fight.

Arguing religion and politics always has a circulation of argumental ways, and sometimes it causes a stir of confusion that goes on for minutes hours months days or years.

The constant bullying of innocent people because a man got in, into an arena of political leadership that from individuals made him win.

The constant bullying of innocent lives that is being bullied every day and what I can not understand is that the same individuals that were once in the highlight that so constantly voiced their opinion about bullying are now silent like snakes hiding under a bed of grass, waiting to see how much on passages will eventually pass.

You know! Individuals speak about wanting peace and on weekdays and Sundays in the church buildings you see them go, and it seems that they are praising some superficial demon, God, because when they trueness appear you can see the demons in them as it's ways manifest and shows.

The behavior of these individuals their place of worship and themselves is a big joke, as you don't have to have eyes to see that it's all a devious show.

They eyes and behavior some individuals change in minutes and you see a different person, not the same camouflage ones that sit in those church building seats but Individuals soaked with demons.

The uprising that causes bullying hate envy racism fights and arguments is not called for, the air just stinks with demon ways and the smell of their sulfur.

True Love is about helping mending healing caring, helping your brotherman on a true way not bullying them for wanting a clear true way but Lashing them with your filthy tongue or dirty hands.

Wanting what is right and pushing for truth, and individuals out there is willing to hurt or kill you.

When a conscious mind really looks at this picture you know, hate always hate love and that is the devil for you.

Pushing for individuals that will genuine help others as they will help you is always the right and beneficial thing to do.

Living in societies in this world by now everyone should know what is right and what is wrong, but they are a slowness is some sleepers and their minds are still unconscious to what is going on.

There should be no false spectrum why truth is read and delivered to you day by day, there should be a true understanding in some individuals lives for them to show true love and for each other always show care.

Everyone should want what is right for each other, why all the selfish attitudes and the ignorant waste of time hating and bullying, your sisters, and brothers?

Why the discrepancy of ways?
Why pollute the air with your voice of ignorant selfish ways?
Why treat your sisters and brothers like dogs when you throw them to the ground?
Why all the racism spurs?
Why the sudden burst of an evil attitude of actions and words?
Why the hate of choice?
Why the ongoing days with ignorant foolish noise?
Why the bleeding?
Why the pain and hating?
Why the condemning of ways?
Why participate in the hating games?
Why settle for bad when good is reaching out to hold your hand.
Why the bullying why the hating? Are you a seed of the God of Love or the devious seed of the devil Satan.

This world of individual called ‘‘ Mankind" needs to change their ways, and really need to think about their behavior before they run out of days.

‘‘ Mankind’’ is your discription and all of you are built up the same, so why all the hatred confusion noise envy and name calling towards each other, why are some of you causing so much ignorant unnecessary pain?

You bleed the same red blood and earthly bodies you all have.

It's time now to stop the hating and shaming, and the ignorance of ignorant name calling.

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