Monday, 23 January 2017

Open For Business? -Organization And Appearance.

The business arena consists of all types of businesses in all parts of the world, all types shapes and sizes and each of them carry different methods and products of wares.

Some operate with management and supervisory standings and some do benefit as to being well organized.

But there is a percentage of businesses that lack much organization and function as no management or supervisory attention is hired to maintain them.

As in some businesses, staff is given the responsibility to keep the said business organize but after a while, no interest is shown and things just remain unkept.

In the beginning, you will find some Individuals with ideas of opening a business and they put everything into works and get ready for a grand opening.

Everything is well organized, and displayed, staff is on point and ready to serve potential customers.

 But After a few months or years, you don't seem to find the grand element of the business, no more enthusiasm in staff, in the business the appearance or the organization skill.

As some businesses just end up a run down aspect of its former self.

Some employers just leave their business to run to ruins,  as no longer do they show interest to maintain it's standard and upkeep.

Organization in a business should always be a must, as it is in self and life.

Whether you are the boss or employee organization in the business should be a must to keep the standard of the business.

Having a business that is not properly presented in terms of appearance and service is a business that lacks coordination and most likely will loose sales.

A business place of the environment should not be kept like a flea market with everything shattered confusingly all over the place.

A consistency in arranging aspects of products should be implemented.

‘‘A business place that is confused with pull confusion’’.

Yes! That is why In a confuse business everyone seems to get a headache because it's too confusing.

And it does and will interfere with the daily sales, service, and employees of the business.

Keeping a business well-organized means keeping away the clutter, dysfunction and the confusion as it will end up well grounded, more manageable and more appealing for potential customers and sales to come in.

It also means that interest is being shown to it.

Any potential customer just like myself likes to shop in a business without confusion disorder.

There should always a welcoming feel, presentable appearance, a pleasing smell as we as good service and staff with pleasant attitudes.

And as a customer, when you find yourself having to face a dysfunctional, disorganized, unkempt smelly business with very rude staff,  you just don't want to go in.

And as always a business that reaps of confusion will try to sell confusion and who wants that?

Seeing any business that is not organized, smells or reeks of confusion I just stay away from, and Yes! This is the mentality of a potential customer that wants to shop in or do business in comfort.

Not everyone like disorder, there are employees and customers that like to know that they are shopping and working in comfortable environments, clean smell well organized, and a professional way.

In a dysfunctional business most likely you will have dysfunctional unhappy staff.

I'm an individual that where ever I work there must be ordered and a sense of comfort and professionalism even if I have to implement it myself.

The first employment job that I was given I found myself being given the keys to the business, and every business after that Was the same, as I have a reputation as a professional individual that puts a business in order.

I'm an organizer and I make sure that appearance of whatever business I work in, as well as the product appearance of marketing aspects, is presentable and well organized for the benefit of the customer's, staff and that it represents the business outline.

Also, I make sure that customer service is well represented as customers are treated with great care to make sure that whenever they leave the business that they are leaving with a sense of satisfaction.

And not all businesses can offer that, that is why so many businesses are fading away because they lack substance in the area of professionalism in the business field.

With bad service and staff that continues to call in sick because they are just fed up with the place etc.

And to tell the truth! Who in their right mind wants to work in an environment of a workplace that lacks substance, that only produces a stress of a confusion way and disorder? Not in this day no one doesn't.

Some business owners need to step up their game in terms of keeping their businesses presentable and professional for customers and staff.

I've seen so many businesses run down and still, the owners are at the doors trying to solicit sales and day after day no one doesn't even make an attempt to go in, as the appearance of the store is just repulsive and disorderly and never have a welcoming feel.

So Business people always remember that bad business leads to dysfunction rude staff and no business.

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