Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Changing-False Virtues.

Not so long ago individuals were buying gifts as presents and sharing what supposed to be a false love.

Now today anger seems to show, as each one drop the false love that once camouflages their face that they so fakely showed.

Angry individuals are all out creating a big havoc with signs of boards they shout.

And some seems so confused to know what they know not and still fighting to know.

The change of false virtues the ones that only days ago seem to you so caring now shows the trueness of themselves that they had camouflaging.

A sudden change happens the love that they describe to be it is gone as it was a bare shadow.

And now anger is in full gear as they show each other scorned and no care.

You know what?  I can not take fake ways, fake individuals that say a word with a fake face.

I like to read individuals from the heart because if true love isn't there in my life they will have no part.

I just can not take individuals with false virtues as one day they are for you and the next day or so they just seems to want to destroy you.

The drastic change that just happens with their attitudes and most of all some are individuals that sat in the church building on benches and seats in church wear in cues.

Singing so peaceful and sweetly with not only a double face but a tongue, that when they get upset they want to push you to the ground.

These ways need to stop the false virtues of ways, the angry individuals, the leaders and money moguls that corrupt individuals with methods that push anger and fear.

Mankind is being controlled by devious entities and they are trying to push God the Creation's hand.

But You know what? The time is coming when Father Creator God will take his ultimate stand.

There is too much going on, too much reckless behavior to many devious entities that push anger and fear along.

Too much fighting too much hating too much is going on for too long.

And for some it's not going to be pretty and sweet, it not going to be an inauguration parade why Father Creator God gets off his throne and stands on his feet. 

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