Monday, 6 February 2017

Cyber Security- Is Anyone's Information Ever Safe?

In a vast arena of people in societies all over the world that patronized the internet passages of ways, some people are using the Internet without any cares.

Personal information continues to go to and fro as people share and register as to join certain sites to make themselves known.

And the mandates of these sites is for an individual to register and gave the relevant personal information to get in, and I wonder at the end who is really winning?

The information is processed and where does it go, does anyone really know?

Where does all your personal information goes after you put it on a site to register as direction is shown?

Don't you ever wonder where all your information is going to? Is there good security for the site put in place?Or is your information going to be floating all over the place?

And when you closed off an account on a site is your information being destroyed and secured real tight or just laid unsecured in some web of waste for someone to find it's linked portal door?

Sometimes people share their information on some sites and decide to closed the accounts and within a few minutes they are getting strange calls, emails, and texts, and it can really make someone upset.

As it seems that personal information is shared and no one could never ever know how the contacts got personal information that way as no one ever seems to be sure.

But it's so easy to see that some sites are not what they seemed to be, as some are a deadlock in some kind of scams that has your information and is using it to make some fast cash.

And again I'm asking, Is there cyber security and is anyone ever safe?

Is there any system in place that can actually show you where your personal information goes when it had been distributed or deleted.

A system that shreds all invaluable personal information and permanently delete it off the web.

It's very disturbing to know that all your information is floating around on the world wide web sometimes just waiting to get pluck by a stranger that you don't know and don't know you.

No one never knows until they get a strange contact of some kind.

I know that so many people out there are thinking about their information floating on the world wide web.

Yes! Just like me, they want to know "When distributed or deleted where do the personal information go?

Is cyber security really securing personal information of individuals? Or it's just floating on the world wide web for the scamming individuals?

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