Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Leaders! It Is About The People-Are You Making Or Taking?

In societies in a world that individuals live in, everyone should by now have noticed the difference between these two ways of making and taking.

Ways of some leadership that will help you to grow or a false way from leadership that leaves you falling to the floor.

A true leadership that shows you what to do to make yourself productive in ways, with strong leadership skills that are secure and will help remove obstacles from your life of the door gates.

Or a leadership that is full of greed, that only pulls from individuals and never think of their needs.

Leaders do come in all forms, shapes, sizes and ways, and as a leadership aspect, it should come with human cares.

A good true way to comfort and help you, as you're being taught in life to know what to do.

Family, friends or strangers on the road, sometimes show more leadership than the proclaim leaders that you know.

Leadership is happy leadership is healthy leadership is always willing to help somebody.

Leadership is about having a strong heart and voice, with a loving willing heart that is not based on an option but a willing heart's choice.

Leaders should always truthfully lead but never with a heart full or open pocket for greed.

There are individuals out there who lead or who want to lead and they don't represent good loving caring leadership ways, as it's mostly about how much they can get from you to add to their financial wares.

They never put hands to help anyone its always a taking or a begging taking from others to fill their wallets, Yes! those stuffed little things that lay in their pockets.

The thing is that no one should call themselves or be called good leaders if they are not doing good to help individuals to know.

It's not about a title or certificate but about the fruits you wear and bare that will help others to truly grow.

No leader should be taking from the people, no leader should be hating on the people, no leader should leading for fun, no leader should be quick to pull a weapon in hand.

I see some individuals that call themselves leaders and all that I see is free loaders.

As they never seem to get things done, and all they do is make daily rants.

About things that don't matter, and some do act like the mad hatter.

If you are a true leader you should lead and the people positively feed.

Teach them how to take care of themselves, teach them how to build their own earned wealth.

Teach them how to grow, mentally, physically and to spiritually know.

It should always be about the people to help keep them safe and to help them grow and to keep them all conscious with always a clear mind to know.

To be always comfortable with them self and first and foremost to love themselves and help themselves to grow and never for show.

So people if you are a true leader by all means lead, but if you are a freeloader there will not be a place for your greed.

Everyone will be seeing, everyone will be knowing, everyone will be hearing what you false leaders are doing.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Cyber Security- Is Anyone's Information Ever Safe?

In a vast arena of people in societies all over the world that patronized the internet passages of ways, some people are using the Internet without any cares.

Personal information continues to go to and fro as people share and register as to join certain sites to make themselves known.

And the mandates of these sites is for an individual to register and gave the relevant personal information to get in, and I wonder at the end who is really winning?

The information is processed and where does it go, does anyone really know?

Where does all your personal information goes after you put it on a site to register as direction is shown?

Don't you ever wonder where all your information is going to? Is there good security for the site put in place?Or is your information going to be floating all over the place?

And when you closed off an account on a site is your information being destroyed and secured real tight or just laid unsecured in some web of waste for someone to find it's linked portal door?

Sometimes people share their information on some sites and decide to closed the accounts and within a few minutes they are getting strange calls, emails, and texts, and it can really make someone upset.

As it seems that personal information is shared and no one could never ever know how the contacts got personal information that way as no one ever seems to be sure.

But it's so easy to see that some sites are not what they seemed to be, as some are a deadlock in some kind of scams that has your information and is using it to make some fast cash.

And again I'm asking, Is there cyber security and is anyone ever safe?

Is there any system in place that can actually show you where your personal information goes when it had been distributed or deleted.

A system that shreds all invaluable personal information and permanently delete it off the web.

It's very disturbing to know that all your information is floating around on the world wide web sometimes just waiting to get pluck by a stranger that you don't know and don't know you.

No one never knows until they get a strange contact of some kind.

I know that so many people out there are thinking about their information floating on the world wide web.

Yes! Just like me, they want to know "When distributed or deleted where do the personal information go?

Is cyber security really securing personal information of individuals? Or it's just floating on the world wide web for the scamming individuals?

Friday, 27 January 2017

In Depths Of Debt Or Spending Check-Doing Worldly Instead Of Priorities?

I once tried my hand at debt collection as a bailiff at an agency after I got a call, and I didn't stay there long as within four days I was gone.

You see!  I have a heart for the people and deep within me, I knew that it was just wrong harassing individuals for payments that they didn't have.

Yes!  I know that some individuals do overdo things but trying to put fear into individuals isn't going to make things better.

There is a fact that some individuals do find themselves in a bad situation and whether it's because of bad government structure or other, a leniency should be put in place.

I know that they are individual who like to impress others and spend wildly, and sometimes doesn't think about their priorities.

And I do also know that they are individuals who don't have but Is willing to pay and some that have that is not willing to pay.

And I think that some businesses need to work with their customers and find out how well they can go about handling bad debts instead of an enforcement of fear.

It's not for anyone to judge anyone, people do go through things and they mature.

And when the time comes for some individuals they do learn to do better as they go on.

In that office, I went through thousands of files of documentation and letters upon letters based on the different direct method that individuals are addressed with to prompt fear into them to make them produce the payments.

And what really caught my eye was the final warning letters and the going to court ones.

They really made me think about what I was doing as I sit at my desk as I examined each file that was before me to put procedures in place.

Those letters were letters of harassment to put fear into individuals, and I'm not here to help implement fear into anyone, but True love and a way of understanding that will help individuals to understand how true and positive to live.

I left that collection agency because it doesn't carry the essence of a true love passage, and like any individual out there that have debt or had debt.

 I know how they feel when they find themselves in certain situations and is being bombarded by threats from individuals that try to solicit monies etc.

And it's never a good feeling, it just comes off as a burden of fear being pushed at you.

And if I don't want that for myself I cannot do it to others, that is why I left the agency.

Someone told me that some people need fear to make them do things, and I say they don't.

Individuals just need a true directional way that will allow them to understand the right from the wrong.

To know the things and areas that will benefit them and the ones that wouldn't.

True directional passages of aspects of ways instead of blinding worldly elements that they are bombarded with daily with the elements of materialistic things and ways of procedures that constantly beguiled them.

That only leads to some individuals doing worldly instead of priorities.

Fear should never be cast at them, only communication with true knowledge in the directions that will make them understand how to put their priorities first.

Think about it! Instead of businesses bombarding individual with materialistic wear etc that only robs some of their finances.

And implement direct and true ways that will help individuals steady and build their lives financially.

Just think how much individual will save and get themselves financed well enough to stable their living of life and family.

The millions of dollars spent daily on materialistic wares devices etc that robs individuals daily, with just a mere usage in days months or a year and then it's not trending or wanted anymore, just to throw away.

Then a new line is replaced much higher, it is just a beguiling of the masses but instead of an apple, it's the materialistic wares.

Yes! This is a new era and the apples are all on the trees all around you in the material things that you see.

And the snake is the businesses that pushed those materialistic things in your face.

Also, the voices in your head that tell you I must get this because I want it.

I do know that everyone has their own will power to do what they want, but being controlled by making bad decisions based on what false elements certain institutions in world push at you isn't anyone using their will power it's just individuals being brainwashed, beguiled and control.

A lot of individuals sometimes find themselves dealing with the bad financial situation because of the element structures that are implemented by some individuals of businesses to get what every they have.

When you look at it, it's always to get more of what an individual has, and if they can't pay its always to go after all that they have.

So who is beguiling who? With the first entrance of making things and aspects of ways to look so significant and grand.

And then after a few days months or years, the same system wants to take every cent from your financial stand.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Open For Business? -Organization And Appearance.

The business arena consists of all types of businesses in all parts of the world, all types shapes and sizes and each of them carry different methods and products of wares.

Some operate with management and supervisory standings and some do benefit as to being well organized.

But there is a percentage of businesses that lack much organization and function as no management or supervisory attention is hired to maintain them.

As in some businesses, staff is given the responsibility to keep the said business organize but after a while, no interest is shown and things just remain unkept.

In the beginning, you will find some Individuals with ideas of opening a business and they put everything into works and get ready for a grand opening.

Everything is well organized, and displayed, staff is on point and ready to serve potential customers.

 But After a few months or years, you don't seem to find the grand element of the business, no more enthusiasm in staff, in the business the appearance or the organization skill.

As some businesses just end up a run down aspect of its former self.

Some employers just leave their business to run to ruins,  as no longer do they show interest to maintain it's standard and upkeep.

Organization in a business should always be a must, as it is in self and life.

Whether you are the boss or employee organization in the business should be a must to keep the standard of the business.

Having a business that is not properly presented in terms of appearance and service is a business that lacks coordination and most likely will loose sales.

A business place of the environment should not be kept like a flea market with everything shattered confusingly all over the place.

A consistency in arranging aspects of products should be implemented.

‘‘A business place that is confused with pull confusion’’.

Yes! That is why In a confuse business everyone seems to get a headache because it's too confusing.

And it does and will interfere with the daily sales, service, and employees of the business.

Keeping a business well-organized means keeping away the clutter, dysfunction and the confusion as it will end up well grounded, more manageable and more appealing for potential customers and sales to come in.

It also means that interest is being shown to it.

Any potential customer just like myself likes to shop in a business without confusion disorder.

There should always a welcoming feel, presentable appearance, a pleasing smell as we as good service and staff with pleasant attitudes.

And as a customer, when you find yourself having to face a dysfunctional, disorganized, unkempt smelly business with very rude staff,  you just don't want to go in.

And as always a business that reaps of confusion will try to sell confusion and who wants that?

Seeing any business that is not organized, smells or reeks of confusion I just stay away from, and Yes! This is the mentality of a potential customer that wants to shop in or do business in comfort.

Not everyone like disorder, there are employees and customers that like to know that they are shopping and working in comfortable environments, clean smell well organized, and a professional way.

In a dysfunctional business most likely you will have dysfunctional unhappy staff.

I'm an individual that where ever I work there must be ordered and a sense of comfort and professionalism even if I have to implement it myself.

The first employment job that I was given I found myself being given the keys to the business, and every business after that Was the same, as I have a reputation as a professional individual that puts a business in order.

I'm an organizer and I make sure that appearance of whatever business I work in, as well as the product appearance of marketing aspects, is presentable and well organized for the benefit of the customer's, staff and that it represents the business outline.

Also, I make sure that customer service is well represented as customers are treated with great care to make sure that whenever they leave the business that they are leaving with a sense of satisfaction.

And not all businesses can offer that, that is why so many businesses are fading away because they lack substance in the area of professionalism in the business field.

With bad service and staff that continues to call in sick because they are just fed up with the place etc.

And to tell the truth! Who in their right mind wants to work in an environment of a workplace that lacks substance, that only produces a stress of a confusion way and disorder? Not in this day no one doesn't.

Some business owners need to step up their game in terms of keeping their businesses presentable and professional for customers and staff.

I've seen so many businesses run down and still, the owners are at the doors trying to solicit sales and day after day no one doesn't even make an attempt to go in, as the appearance of the store is just repulsive and disorderly and never have a welcoming feel.

So Business people always remember that bad business leads to dysfunction rude staff and no business.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Changing-False Virtues.

Not so long ago individuals were buying gifts as presents and sharing what supposed to be a false love.

Now today anger seems to show, as each one drop the false love that once camouflages their face that they so fakely showed.

Angry individuals are all out creating a big havoc with signs of boards they shout.

And some seems so confused to know what they know not and still fighting to know.

The change of false virtues the ones that only days ago seem to you so caring now shows the trueness of themselves that they had camouflaging.

A sudden change happens the love that they describe to be it is gone as it was a bare shadow.

And now anger is in full gear as they show each other scorned and no care.

You know what?  I can not take fake ways, fake individuals that say a word with a fake face.

I like to read individuals from the heart because if true love isn't there in my life they will have no part.

I just can not take individuals with false virtues as one day they are for you and the next day or so they just seems to want to destroy you.

The drastic change that just happens with their attitudes and most of all some are individuals that sat in the church building on benches and seats in church wear in cues.

Singing so peaceful and sweetly with not only a double face but a tongue, that when they get upset they want to push you to the ground.

These ways need to stop the false virtues of ways, the angry individuals, the leaders and money moguls that corrupt individuals with methods that push anger and fear.

Mankind is being controlled by devious entities and they are trying to push God the Creation's hand.

But You know what? The time is coming when Father Creator God will take his ultimate stand.

There is too much going on, too much reckless behavior to many devious entities that push anger and fear along.

Too much fighting too much hating too much is going on for too long.

And for some it's not going to be pretty and sweet, it not going to be an inauguration parade why Father Creator God gets off his throne and stands on his feet. 

A Look Into View-Discrimination!

This is a look into discrimination, especially when dealing with color, it's about the way mankind treat their own individuals that are made up of children,  mothers' sister's  brother's  friends and  father's

It is about the bias way that some individuals go about treating each other because of their skin color.

Being prejudice against anyone is just an individual that is not comfortable or love themselves.

If they had been they would, in fact, be comfortable with everyone else despite what color shape or form that they might come in.

The hate of some individuals that are living in this world comes with much envy towards one another.

And it's a prejudice way that individuals don't show each other care.

Just because someone is not the same color or look like you, doesn't mean that they are different and if cut will bleed the blood of yellow-orange or blue.

You see! They will bleed the same red blood that is running through your veins because just like you, they are called mankind with a build up that is the same.

And the ignorant ways that crept through individual's mind heart of doors must and should not be allowed to enter in, everyone should be treated equally and in this world, they should be able to live peacefully and safely in.

Hearts should never be cold, hearts are made to show love care and appreciation to everyone, whether your skin is white pink black or brown.

To much hate is growing to much pain is showing to many souls are crying, mankind on mother earth needs a massive healing.

Climate Change? Or Mankinds Manipulating Ways?

Climate change was described as a terrorist and that is the craziest thing amongst mankind that I have ever heard.

Mother nature and her elements were around before mankind existed and she knows how to control and evolve the world.

The universal structure was not made by man, so why does mankind keep doing ignorant things to try to push God the Creator's hand.

Truth must be heard and it is the time that it is heard because this wayward falsifying of ways are just leaving mankind to go around in circles among themselves.

Climate change was never and will never be a terrorist, it's some among you with a manipulation of worldly vessels that tries to intimidate structures of ways, that produce bad weather through the months and sometimes days.

It's the forecasting of entities of bad government structure.

Yes! The earth is changing as it continues to evolve in ways naturally recommended by its Creator that has been doing through the ages.

And Yes! The climate is changing as it's an umbilical reform structure to adjust to his partnership the changing world.

But In no means does climate change represent a weapon of destruction as stated by the ignorance speaking of some governmental leading entities that pushed false wayward ways.

As falsifying ways manipulate the weather system structure by wicked machinery that is controlled by hands that invest millions of dollars to generate billions more amongst themselves.

Climate change isn't a threat it's just another attempt to put a devious veil over mankind's eyes by their own that distribute controlling ways.

Mother nature knows when and how she will maneuver in ways to adjust to a changing world as she adjusts herself in the universal realm, and she does not need a chaperone, she has been doing it all through the ages without the help of man.

Help is needed in areas of healing her wounds from hands that caused her to be affected by the raping and abusing of her elements which she produces to help her maintain her stance.

It's so intriguing to see how governmental structures can follow each other in a falsified way and place a title on mother nature's natural system forecast and can not put a title on their destruction of manipulating ways.

The climate is not the reason for panic or the cause of territorial destruction, it's individuals among yourselves called mankind that weary the world and it's people with much hardships of weapons, laws, and structures.

With the destruction of ways with weaponry that erupts a premature launch in the earth's atmosphere and hemisphere to produce panicking and fearful effects that just lead to transmitted ways to intimidate individuals among you into their hands.

From manmade machinery that is situated above below and around the world, is channeling effective ways that manipulate weather behavior as to cause an outburst that changes climate mobility to channel ways that do depict harsh weather.

But It's not naturally borne, it's just a made up of mechanisms of man's superficial elements of distruction, to gain control of the masses and to direct billion of dollars into their own pockets.

Mother nature and her evolving system of elements are innocent of what they call a threat to mankind.

Some among you robbed mother nature of nearly everything that she is and now they are trying to rob her of her adequate and healing reputation that she uses to evolve protect and maintain individuals in the world.

There should never be a guilty verdict placed on her head, with all that she keeps enduring by malicious hands and entities of ways, she is still trying to maintain her stance her structure and her truths, and you know what? She will speak out!

Mankind has gained entry into an extraordinary world of manipulating software and weaponry that were produced by tainted hands.

And they try to control, as they use elements of ways to try to dictate how mother nature's climate structure should work.

And mother nature speaks today and she is saying that she will not compromise with mankind's reckless behavior that continues to taint her name.

There are hands that control buttons of large structure of systems, wheels that is driven under your feet that maneuver through deep tunnels of basements with secret doors, and space eye metal of wares that manoeuvre where and how they want their devious plan to eventually be displayed in the lives of individuals as to try to disrupt their days.

Mother nature's climate system is not a terrorist, she is not here to cause harm, she is not a weapon of destruction, she is just here to keep mankind safe, happy secured alive and warm.

Some territories are causing massive destruction amongst themselves as they push massive disturbances into the hemisphere and atmosphere all around the world.

Everyone should by now have the knowledge wisdom and understanding of what is going on among you, from others with manipulating structures of ways.

As for instance Japan! That months ago produce an earthquake from using a piece of their weaponry.

Some individuals eyes and ears are open but they do not see or hear as to be conscious enough to comprehend that they are standing in a world with individuals like themselves that has seeded many manipulating elements of aspects of ways just to control them.

And these are all done bt those among you just like you with deliberate acts and not mother nature's natural changing ways.