Monday, 7 March 2016

A Money Tree Standing

Millions and billions of finances are generated each and every year by individuals who carry a niche' and huge financial standing "Rich or Wealthy" some may be considered and billionaires moguls of the lot.
A money tree standing that can carry them through life but what is the benefit of such huge deposition of it's all input with greed?
As some of the "Money tree standing" type always seemed reluctant to sow a helpful seed.
And as the "Money tree standing "continues to grow, so are the starving children that's dying for food the ones that isn't being allowed to grow.  
Money is spending and luxurious items are being bought but the children and the needy continues to suffer and some of these moguls never seemed to eager to lend a helping hand.
The audacity of some that thinks, "The money is mine so why do I have to give it away, to people i don't know about or what happening to them i don't care".
You know this world needs more people with genuine hearts that care, the one's that can help a brother or sister out without a  nuscience of words coming from their mouth.
It needs more leaders with much dictationship of speech,the one's that is eligible the one's that will meet someone helpless along the way and help them out with a place to stay.
Or a little girl or boy that is lost and can't find their way to help guide them back safely to their homes where they belong.
To help a nursing mother that had no rest, being up all night with a baby on her breast, and still continues to make ends meet, that sometimes she gets to work late or not at all the whole week.
You know so much is happening all over this place and mankind needs to pay more attention to other's needs.
"A money tree standing without helping is only a dead tree with much greed."
Helping your brother man is what it's all about, it's about letting love and light shine always from your heart, to be always helping and caring as to let the ripple effect start. 

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