Monday, 7 March 2016

Being Smart

In a world of today amongst an intellectual field of individuals who adapt to the business arena and productivity aspects of ways and living an individual needs to be 'Smart' in all areas of life to understand life's procedures and precisions .
As to adapt to a more stable life living plan of procedures.
The mere fact that an individual is smart enough to understand the basis quote on quote"Knowledge of Understandings' that can depict the necessity to go forward in life with an intellectual understanding and meaning as to adapt to a productive way of allegiance.
Some individuals go through life batting here and there like a tennis ball being played they some how never seemed capable of adapting to an understanding of self growth or living,a mere unconscious act of not understanding the ways of life,not being focused or adherent.
Being wise is good as this is a vocal point of being grounded and well focused.
And any wise individual can always adapt to any proceedings as to understand it's basic needs of clarifications.
I like smart,I like an intellectual challenge as I am able to gained insight of the procedures at hand and adapt to a meaningful cause of descriptions.
Also being smart allows me to explore different avenues of self worth as I explore and evolved with maturity in any fields I adapt my intellectual voice of passage into.
"Being smart is a more sophisticated way of thinking that benefits an understanding mind to understand,grow,learn,explore,depict and yes to empower"-Marcelle Hinkson.

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