"Running out of business? Well there are three terms for this.
(1) Running out of your structure.
(2)Running out of your independence .
(3)Running out of ideas.
The main fact that three of these meanings correspond with an elite way of business termination one can but asked, "Do I have the ability and the resources to keep me in this trending market of expertise?
Some individuals start a business but sometimes down the line they tend to run out of resources,ideas and finances which leads to a running out of business.
Moving into the area of merging into another company that they think will sustain them in a lucrative market of competitors .
Then there are others who on the other hand decide to throw in the towel and call it quits thus leaving a door opened for a more lucrative and compediting business to see the era of a modernized aspects of solutions.
Running out of your independence as in the structure that had one standing firm in a financial state is not wise to debate when dealing with a business ,as when one run out of a business the financial flow of one's existence will come to an end.
So in the mean time businesses still continues to be business but with a void and that is without you in it.
 Starting a business from the ground up takes a strong structure of employees ,customers,finances,leadership,patience,motivation and an eye for detail.
So the question is "Do you as an employer has what it takes to take a business into and onto it's directional passages without feeling defiant  and giving up for an immature caused?