How do I start to say what I need to say ? Hmm Self Control Yes! That is it :))
The good old "Self Control "  a way to say what is appropriate, relevant and needed to be said.
An understanding of a soul heart that makes the appropriate words from mouth part.
Not to insult or cause any strife of noise , but to make an appropriate gesture of a true meaningful way with cause of poised.
To give understanding in a true meaningful ways of directions, useful words that is most relevant.
As to make the relevant point come to light and not to cause and ignorant fight.
Not to insult or make others feel bad, but to help in such a way with a heart of soul mouth of words instead of a hand fight or demand.
I know sometimes ignorant ones try to intimidate others in doing somethings that we as humans hate to hear,but a self control of ways will always lead a passage of a true way.
To stop the ignorance of noise before it escalates, and stop the fight of hands before they awake.
Pride likes to make a lot of ignorant noise but a truthful way of words, is not to be loudly heard.
As a truthful soul heart of mouth don't carry useless words.
It's always say words with poised of meaning Yes! Every word to go out as an impact of meaningful directing.
"Meaning of cause", Yes! So always let your words direct, and you will release appropriate words with a self control of intellect .
Yes! To control the pressure point within, as to not let it boil up and go over the brim.
To always be settled and speak in a calming and appropriate peaceful way .
Words of intellect to individuals of what your heart of soul needs to say.