Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Set Up To Go And Hide Away?

It's everywhere,this information of leaked emails and health issues, as individuals are being sent false blinding tissues.

And you know what? Individuals need to look at the false pieces of the puzzle that is on display, and see if it's not a set up to get away from the drama and the cell of jail way.

There is an election flow and Yes! With an opponent that want to break ground everything is flash on the table to gain a seat, ways are displayed to blindside the other and they are never discreet .

And with all that is going on there are individuals that really want to gain,secretly in the background that never shows their name.

In what ever means possible,they use their pride and whatever lying arrogent means they have up their sleeves, as all they want to do is gain control and put the innocent on bending begging knees.

And just like everyone else I'm constantly looking at these health issues and the emails that is being distrubuted in ways.

And there maybe a big false death set up lingering in way.

A set up for an individual to go underground or on some island to try to enjoy life, to get away from the drama of self lies.

Look at this scenerio! Emails with evidence are constantly flowing, and truth is shown but yet no one is being procecuted.

All they are getting is full security and a van system that drops them home, set up answers for every ill way of wayward road.

Health issues are being seen,everyday on big and small tv and tecnologie's screens.

And still no one is being put on time out or sick leave,you just see them being pushed out for everyone to see.

This is so fishy that it puts the fish markets in shade, all this is just a game play of reactments for an individual to try to get away with lies deceit hate and a big pay day.

But it's never going to work "Enough is Enough! And the Truth will be seen heard and told.

There are iindividuals who just like to play games with others, it's like they flash their playing game hand of certain cards but yet they still have hidden others.

And people need to read through the lines,and don't let the distractions of the playing cards divert them off the truth most of the time.

To much is happening in every way individuals please open your eyes and look at the deceitful ways.

Look at the game play in effect,and you will know the ones that want to secretly walk away with the big juicy cheques.

Through the years the same games were played the same methods was in effect,and some individuals always seemed to die but of course they disappear somewhere with bank loads of money and scheming pay cheques.

So what is the difference with this playing hand,is it that you think it's different because this time you have a woman and man?

It's no different because I can assure you,because all they want to do is pull more blind folds over you.

Watch and see and you will hear,watch the clues everywhere.

And look at the true big picture,don't let their false directions fool you.

Don't be surprise if it's none of the two.

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