Thursday, 12 January 2017

Interview Or Interrogation?

I know that in the business world of employment to get a job one must go through a passage or passages of interviews from individuals from the human resource of business sectors.

But what you would be surprised to hear from most individuals if this question,‘‘ Do you like to go to job interviews?  Was the first question to be asked.

They would tell you that they hate going to interviews, and the reason being is that they feel like they are sitting in a courtroom being judge prosecuted and looked upon by the jury.

And hearing this, one should automatically know that someway of things being done in the human resources faculty is definitely wrong when individuals start to feel this way.

For some, it's so intimidating just pulling the door to be faced with three or more individuals with faces that are not too inviting then to be scrutinized like you did something wrong, it is so belittling to them.

Some interviewers' and bosses might think that their way of trying to intimidate these individuals that sit before them is just trying to put a bit of pressure on them to see how well they can handle themselves.

Well! Enough with the pressure! They don't need it, living amongst some societies in this world that are trying to make bad good is enough pressure to deal with, and the heads of governments that is stealing the people's money, who wants more pressure?

Nearly everyone in some societies in this world that we live in some time or sometimes in their life, have found themselves or will find themselves having to make a decision to leave a job because of a bad structure or other within the company or other.

Individuals also walk out of jobs because of abuse whether it was verbal physical or mental abuse, they took up their bag and walked, just to have a stress-free state of being.

And any interviewer making bashful arguments on any individual for walking out of a dysfunctional business or other must be really out of their minds.

Everyone is human and in life everyone has to move on from any aspect of the way that is not beneficial and healthy to them.

Whether it's from home, a relationship or a job they have to move on as a respect to their health and self of being.

And no one taking up the title seating as interviewer or boss should be scrutinizing anyone from making a decision based on their heartfelt needs if they can not identify what the person went through as to walk in their shoe.

I find that some business interviewing systems are really out of line, in terms of questionnaires that is forced on intimidating the individual being interviewed.

Yes! Qualifications of experience do come into play but not intimidation and prosecution of anyone, that is why the court system is around and prosecution is what they are for, individuals that commit crimes.

And in the area of being interviewed, no one has committed a crime, the only crime that they will be committing is having to place themselves in front of uncouth cold heart individuals that don't understand what an individual might be going or went through just having to try to secure themselves with a job.

Some interviews have really gone to the extreme.

Sometimes when individuals pull those door, it's never a welcoming atmosphere as the interviewers are as serious as a judge looking to break the individual.

Instead of making a potential eager recipient out of them.

And only if some of those cold hearted built on intimidating interviewers would notice.

They would see that the individual before them is just waiting for the heads of human resource interviewers,  to help them to be placed into a productive business arena of employment passage.

Yes!  Individuals do walk off of jobs because of some of these reasons I will mention but there are so much more.

1) Bad Management
2) Abuse in the workplace (sexually, mentally, physical)
3) Conflict of Interest.
4) Resignation.
5) Looking for something better.
7) Uncomfortable in the workplace.
8) The Environment was too stressful.

Any of these reasons plus more that Is not mentioned could be the cause of anyone walking away from a job and as I said, more reasons can be applied.

And whatever reason it was or is for the individual to walk away from a job, it was based on their decision of what they had to endure or is enduring.

That will lead them or is leading them to do what was or is best for them, and it should not be marginalized.

And no interviewer have the right to tell an individual that had to make a choice based on any of the mentioned dysfunctional areas, that they are wrong if they did not or is not walking in that person's shoes, I know that they just need to shut up.

Some interviewers just sit in their seating,   ready to intimidate anyone that sits before them but it isn't right.

And they need to have a heart because everyone is looking for a job in a stress-free comfortable professional staff friendly environment to help their families and themselves.

And I know that the bombardment of questionnaires that is placed on some individuals is just too harsh and uncalled for.

Yes! Those individuals need a job and that is why they go and sit before interviewers,  but that should not be the reason for any interviewer or boss to belittle anyone just because they are looking for a job.

Some people just need to understand individual's hearts and then they will understand the individual's motives~Marcelle Hinkson

Everyone is living and in life they know what jobs are for them and which ones is not.

The atmospheres that are comfortable for them and the ones that are not.

The businesses to associate themselves with and the ones to not.

So Interviewers be more lenient when it comes to the bashing of questionnaires when you meet someone that had to make a decision to walk out a job to protect themselves.

You see!  If you haven't walked in their shoes to understand what they are going through or went through, you just would not understand, but that does not mean that you should proceed with the bashing of intimidation, because you shouldn't.

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