Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Leaders! It Is About The People-Are You Making Or Taking?

In societies in a world that individuals live in, everyone should by now have noticed the difference between these two ways of making and taking.

Ways of some leadership that will help you to grow or a false way from leadership that leaves you falling to the floor.

A true leadership that shows you what to do to make yourself productive in ways, with strong leadership skills that are secure and will help remove obstacles from your life of the door gates.

Or a leadership that is full of greed, that only pulls from individuals and never think of their needs.

Leaders do come in all forms, shapes, sizes and ways, and as a leadership aspect, it should come with human cares.

A good true way to comfort and help you, as you're being taught in life to know what to do.

Family, friends or strangers on the road, sometimes show more leadership than the proclaim leaders that you know.

Leadership is happy leadership is healthy leadership is always willing to help somebody.

Leadership is about having a strong heart and voice, with a loving willing heart that is not based on an option but a willing heart's choice.

Leaders should always truthfully lead but never with a heart full or open pocket for greed.

There are individuals out there who lead or who want to lead and they don't represent good loving caring leadership ways, as it's mostly about how much they can get from you to add to their financial wares.

They never put hands to help anyone its always a taking or a begging taking from others to fill their wallets, Yes! those stuffed little things that lay in their pockets.

The thing is that no one should call themselves or be called good leaders if they are not doing good to help individuals to know.

It's not about a title or certificate but about the fruits you wear and bare that will help others to truly grow.

No leader should be taking from the people, no leader should be hating on the people, no leader should leading for fun, no leader should be quick to pull a weapon in hand.

I see some individuals that call themselves leaders and all that I see is free loaders.

As they never seem to get things done, and all they do is make daily rants.

About things that don't matter, and some do act like the mad hatter.

If you are a true leader you should lead and the people positively feed.

Teach them how to take care of themselves, teach them how to build their own earned wealth.

Teach them how to grow, mentally, physically and to spiritually know.

It should always be about the people to help keep them safe and to help them grow and to keep them all conscious with always a clear mind to know.

To be always comfortable with them self and first and foremost to love themselves and help themselves to grow and never for show.

So people if you are a true leader by all means lead, but if you are a freeloader there will not be a place for your greed.

Everyone will be seeing, everyone will be knowing, everyone will be hearing what you false leaders are doing.

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